Auran Games, Gamecock Media Group and Codemasters Online have announced the world's first open beta event for the upcoming PvP MMO, Fury. The Fury Challenge event has a prize pool valued at over $1,000,000, the richest ever for an online RPG.

"Last week we announced our unique business model of free to play with free content updates and an optional subscription," stated Tony Hilliam, Auran CEO. "This week, we're pleased to announce a landmark in gaming with a total prize pool valued at over one million dollars. In late September, hundreds of thousands of players will compete to kick-start their Fury careers by winning Fury Game Cards, Fury Subscriptions and lots of other cool loot too."

Currently sponsors of the event include NVidia, Dell, IGN, GameStop, Harvey Norman, FHM, Logitech and ZBoard with more sponsors lining up. You can find a full list of sponsors and prizes on the fury challenge website.

The event officially begins on September 14 and runs over three consecutive weekends, the first set aside for practice and to give players the chance to unlock abilities and experiment. The next two weekends will see the competition commence, where players will compete in 3 game types on 7 different Ladders. Prizes will be dished out to the top players and Clans.

Fury is scheduled to arrive at retail in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on October 9 and across Europe on October 12.

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