The Automatron DLC introduces a whole host of new robotic enemies to the Commonwealth, some that you may've seen in previous Fallout games, and some that are unique to this DLC, but they're all on a misguided quest to kill every human they come across. This means that combat is sadly inevitable, so to give you the heads up on what you'll be facing here's a guide to the enemies in Automatron, and what to expect from them.

Remember that in general robots are more susceptible to energy damage and don't take any any damage from radiation. They're also weaker to body shots than they are to head shots.

Different robot difficulties in Fallout 4 Automatron

Not all robots are created equal, because they're literally put together from bits of metal and so on. In the case of the robots in Automatron you can tell how much of a challenge they're likely to be by whether there's a word in front of their name. If there isn't one then you're alright, but an 'Integrated Junkbot' is going to take a few more hits, as will a 'Servomech Junkbot'.

The one to really watch out for, however, are the Quantum robots. These have very high damage and armour when compared to their clunkier brethren, and if you take all of their weaponised limbs they'll sometimes have an inbuilt 'run at enemy and explode' subroutine.

Eyebots in Fallout 4 Automatron

Eyebot is the actual name for the little flying colanders you see every so often, playing the radio or other announcements to nobody in particular. They're basically loudspeakers that can move, but in Automatron you'll run into weaponised ones that can fire energy weapons. They'll go down in one or two hits, and are more annoying than they are an actual threat. You do, however, often get a few of them popping up at once backing up the other robots, so take them out first to make life a little easier for yourself.

Junkbots in Fallout 4 Automatron

Junkbots are basically perambulatory engines. They can have a number of different weapons, from energy guns to standard ballistics, cryo, or flamethrowers.The basic models usually go down in one shot and the stronger iterations not much more, so as long as you don't get overwhelmed these guys shouldn't present much of a problem. If you encounter some tougher ones keep moving to avoid their weapons and send your companion in to draw fire.

Robobrains in Fallout 4 Automatron

Robobrains have been present from the very beginning of the Fallout series, and are hideous fusions of man and machine that prewar scientists wrought in their infinite hubris. They're robots with offensive capabilities that are powered by a living human brain (which is a more efficient way of both storing information and running programmes than a standard computer chip).

They have the same Mesmotron attack in Automatron that they did in previous games, which sends a pulse towards you that will concuss you if you're hit. It's a pain in the arse, blurring your vision and knocking you off balance, but it's telegraphed as a massive glowing blue ring and is easy to avoid. Robobrains have significantly more health and move faster than some of the other robots, but they're also a huge target so you can easily hit them even if you're not in V.A.T.S.

Scrapbots in Fallout 4 Automatron

Despite the name indicating that they're poorly constructed, scrapbots are pretty hardy and can put up a hell of a fight. They often have the basic build of an assaultron, but with more lethal melee weapons like swords, and because they can close distance quickly you should be aiming for limbs and dodging those melee attacks for all you're worth. Keep moving back to maintain distance if you're a ranged type of player. Strength and melee types should cycle around to avoid the head laser attack and doubled-handed stabbing they like to dust off, but whatever the case keep an eye on your Action Points and balance movement against making hits.

Swarmbots in Fallout 4 Automatron

Swarmbots are basically Junkbots that can fly on a Mr Handy style jet, hence are faster and can swarm you.They are, again, generally pretty easy to take out, but will get around you to flank you faster than other robots and often without you noticing and because they can have some higher powered weapons attached this sometimes presents a problem. Just try and keep an eye on which ones are floating where.

Tankbots in Fallout 4 Automatron

These are scrappier, more aggressive versions of sentry bots, and are therefore very fast and heavily armoured. You'll face a couple of high powered versions of these guys at several different points, so it's best to keep moving to avoid the attacks - including gatling lasers and incendiary projectiles - and try to take out their arms first, because that's where the attacks are actually coming from. Try to maintain as much distance and cover as possible if you're not a melee build, and remember that it will shortly explode once you've taken it out, so give it some space before looting it.

The Mechanist's robots in Fallout 4 Automatron

The Mechanist is the one making all these new robots appearing and, aside from various iterations of the ones mentioned above, when you enter the Mechanist's base you're going to run into a couple more.

The Turret robot is basically a heavily armoured pair of gatlings stuck together on top of a Mr Handy jet propulsion, so even if you get behind cover it'll reposition and keep firing at you. The best tactic is to take out the guns on its arms first, because that renders it basically useless. You'll also have to face a Dualbot, which is an advanced kind of Assaultron that, depending on how your luck goes, will either be incredibly easy or surprisingly tough. It runs up to you to do bring the fight to close quarters, so unless you're a character stacking strength and melee attacks do the opposite and run away whilst firing at it.

The Rust Devils' robots in Fallout 4 Automatron

The Rust Devils are a new group of raiders that wear armour partially crafted from scrap bits of robots and have an army of robots partially crafted from scrap bits of robots. Said robots are generally hyper aggressive versions of robots you've already seen - Protectrons and Mr Gutsy - with spiker metal casings that buff for melee damage and status effects (like bleeding) as well as higher damage absorption.

There are several around the Rust Devil hideout that also carry the title 'Golem', which are an even bigger challenge, and should be treated with caution (high level Rust Devil robots also have skulls attached to them, which is unsettling). The modified assaultron you face as you're leaving the hideout can be particularly tough, but, as with most adversaries in life, if you can cripple its limbs the fight is a lot easier.

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