The Best Unique Weapons in Fallout 4 and Where to Find Them - Heavy and Melee Weapons

Fallout 4's unique heavy and melee weapons, their special effects, and how to find them.

If you want to punch, stab, wallop, or generally destroy your enemies so there's nothing left for their weeping widow to bury then the unique heavy and melee weapons of Fallout 4 will not only let you do that, but do it with some style. Here are the ones that we've found and enjoyed the most in the Commonwealth so far, but you can check out our list of the best ballistic and energy weapons if your character can't lift a minigun.

Unique heavy weapons


Ashmaker is a big ol' minigun, which would be enough in itself, but Ashmaker also sets anyone you shoot with it on fire and deals extra burning damage to them, because that's what happens when you set someone on fire.

Where to find Ashmaker in Fallout 4

While you're hanging around in Goodneighbour you'll either hear of or run into Bobbi No-Nose, and accepting her job offer sets you off on a quest called The Big Dig. Once you get to the end of that you'll have the chance to either side with or kill a character called Fahrenheit, the right hand of the mayor. If you join her she'll give you Ashmaker as a reward. If you kill her you can take it from her wasted corpse. Win/win.

The Big Boy

What's the only thing better than a gun that fires miniature nukes? A gun that fires two at once, naturally. Thus we have the Big Boy: a version of the Fatman which launches two mini nukes at the same time. It's not like you could really make the Commonwealth more irradiated, after all.

Where to find the Big Boy in Fallout 4

You can only buy this one from Arturo, the arms dealer in the Diamond City market, but there's a hefty price tag attached to it. Decide how much you value being able to make twin mushroom clouds against how much you like having almost ten thousand caps.


This is a cannon. Not like how the term hand cannon refers to a powerful pistol; Broadsider is an actual naval cannon, strapped to a frame so you can carry it around. It fires cannonballs. It's actually pretty impractical as a weapon but... It's a cannon.

Where to find Broadsider in Fallout 4

If you board the USS Constitution, stranded as it is on top of a building in downtown Boston (and it's pretty hard to miss) you'll meet Captain Ironsides. If you decide to help him with sending the Constitution on her voyage then you'll be rewarded with the Broadsider. Be warned that siding with the nearby scavengers against the Captain will mean you never get the Broadsider, not even by stealing it.

The Junk Jet

The junk jet is a large, awkward looking heavy weapon which fires actual junk. As in, you stuff bits of junk that you don't want into it, and it then launches said junk at extreme velocity at whatever you're pointing at. The downside of this is that, while there's potentially unlimited ammo for it, you don't want to end up firing any junk that you need for crafting, so you have to keep an eye on what you're putting into it.

Where to find the Junk Jet in Fallout 4

The JunkJet is in ArcJet Systems, near the control room at the bottom. The game flags it up pretty obviously to you so it's basically a freebie, especially if you're on the Call to Arms quest with Paladin Danse, picked up from him at the police station in Cambridge.


Partystarter is a rocket launcher that deals 50% extra damage to humans, so it's not great for ghouls, mutants, or general fauna, but good lord will it cut through raiders and Children of Atom (and, depending on who you side with, any errant faction members).

Where to find Partystarter in Fallout 4

You can buy this from the faintly frightening robot KL-E-0, who sells guns and other weapons in Goodneighbour. Her confirmation that she has tested all the weapons she sells does nothing to allay that fear.

Unique melee weapons

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

This bat is extra fun for characters who're built for melee combat. Every hit has a chance to send your opponent flying into the air without warning like a giant gangly baseball, but even without that it still does a decent amount of damage per hit.

Where to find the 2076 World Series Baseball Bat in Fallout 4

This bat is part of the Treasure of Jamaica Plain, once you get past all the defences (of which there are a few). Even if you don't play a melee character this is still a pretty good pick up, because you can sell it to Moe in Diamond City for a tidy profit.

Grognak's Axe

This mighty axe, based on the one wielded by the Fallout comic book hero of the same name, causes bleeding damage to any enemies it hits, as well as dealing an increased stagger. It's a great melee weapon for mowing down groups of enemies.

Where to find Grognak's Axe in Fallout 4

Grognak's axe is in Hubris Comics. It's in a locked display case behind the front desk, so you're going to need either enough lockpicking skill to pick an advanced lock, or Cait along as your companion to open it for you.

Kremvh's Tooth

This is a Lovecraftian sacrificial blade and is one of the few things in Fallout 4 that indicates arcane and magical stuff might be real. It does great damage, as well as stacking bleeding and poison on top, so it's worth snatching.

Where to find Kremvh's Tooth in Fallout 4

Dunwich Borers is a raider infested, irradiated quarry on the east of the map, near Salem. To find the Tooth you have to swim down into the pool there and find a side tunnel which has an altar in it. On top of that is Kremvh's Tooth. Think about taking some mirelurk egg omelettes so you can breathe underwater.

Pickman's Blade

This knife comes with the stealth blade already attached, so has an automatic multiplier to damage you deal with it while sneaking. It also does a lot of extra bleeding damage to your target on top of that. This knife just makes them bleed extra hard, like.

Where to find Pickman's Blade in Fallout 4

The Pickman Gallery, which is to the northwest of Goodneighbour, has a number of really horrible paints in it, as well as Mr Pickman himself. He's being held captive in the basement by raiders, and if you release him and let him go he'll give you the key to his upstairs safe. Guess what's in the safe? Pickman is, however, morally dubious at best and a terrible Hannibal Lecter-esque psychopath at worst, just in case letting him go will play on your conscience, so you can let the raiders kill him and loot the key. You'll have to find the hidden safe on your own though (hint: it's behind one of the paintings).

Zao's Sword

The Chinese Officer Sword is already a good melee weapon from the options out there, and this is essentially a souped up version. Zao's Sword deals higher damage, and you can still modify it to increase that base score by making it serrated and/or electrified if you want to.

Where to find Zao's Sword in Fallout 4

Zao is the captain of the Chinese submarine off the coast of Boston and if you help him get the sub running again you have the option of asking him for an extra reward. It's not an easy option, though: you'll have to pass three persuasion tests to get him to give it up. He's generally a nice enough chap, though, and seems pretty apologetic about nuking the place hundreds of years ago.

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