Fallout 4 has a bunch guns for you to shoot people with, but it has some really really nice ones that are completely unique and do extra special things. They're usually rewards for completing certain quests, but some of them are just hanging out waiting for you to find them. We've set out our favourite unique ballistic and energy weapons that we've found in the game so far, and how you can get them too. We've got a separate guide for melee and heavy weapons, if you're into that kind of thing.

Unique ballistic weapons in Fallout 4


Deliverer is a silenced pistol taking 10mm rounds that can be modified to do high levels of damage - more so than any standard 10mm pistol you come across. It increases your chance to hit in VATS as well as reducing the AP cost of VATS shots by 25%, and has a nice kind of first level of 007 Goldeneye vibe to it, assuming enough of you remember playing Goldeneye for that to be a relevant comparison to make.

Where to find Deliverer in Fallout 4

Once you've found the Railroad's secret hideout (by following the Freedom Trail quest) they'll send you on the fetch quest Tradecraft to prove your loyalty. The sunglasses-wearing douchebag-with-a-heart Deacon will let you keep Deliverer as a reward after looting it from the body of his dead friend. People deal with grief in different ways.

Kellogg's Pistol

An old school magnum revolver taking .44 rounds, for when those punks aren't feeling lucky. With some juicy mods applied and if you're specced up for pistols this can take down almost any enemy with a couple of shots, since it has some of the greatest stopping power in the game. You also look pretty cool using it.

Where to find Kellogg's Pistol in Fallout 4

After killing Kellogg, of course! You need to follow the main questline and complete Reunions to find him, but once he's down you can loot the mercenary for all he's worth. He can be a tough fight if you're unprepared, so watch out and keep in mind that he'll use Stealth Boys to effectively turn invisible.

Le Fusil Terribles

We're not sure why this shotgun has a French name (and maybe in the French version of Fallout it's just called The Terrible Shotgun) but it has a 25% buff to damage generally, and limb damage in particular, making it a gun for both tactical shots and disorganised wanton destruction, which is not something you can say of many weapons.

Where to find Le Fusil Terribles in Fallout 4

Libertalia is a floating raider settlement out on the eastern edge of the map, built of wooden pontoons and half wrecked ships. If you pick up the Synth Retention quest from the Institute then you'll be sent to Libertalia as part of that, but you can just as well mooch up to it on your own. It's pretty hard to miss. The gun, however, is easy to, because it's been left on top of a crate in the captain's cabin. Be sure to grab it on your way through.

Overseer's Guardian

A .45 short barrelled rifle that fires two bullets but only uses one from your ammo stash.You can upgrade the mods on it to increase its effectiveness, but with this beauty you're always doing double your damage with every shot.

Where to find Overseer's Guardian in Fallout 4

You can buy this straight from the vendor Alexis Combes in Vault 81, but it's got a hefty price tag attached to it. Vault 81 is pretty easy to find, but you'll need either some high Charisma to pass a persuasion check, or some fusion cores to trade with them before they'll let you inside. Vault 81 end up with their own problems aside from that, but that's a whole other story.

Reba II

Reba II is a long barrelled rifle ideal for sniping. She's the younger sister of the original Reba rifle, who has a disturbingly intimate relationship with her owner that doesn't need close examination. Reba II does 50% extra damage against mirelurks and insect or bug type enemies, coming in handy when exploring the shorelines or marshy areas of the map. The default ammo is .308 but you can mod Reba II up to .50 for even more damage.

Where to find Reba II in Fallout 4

Barney Rook lives at the end of Salem right on the coast, and hates him some mirelurks. If you help him restart his defensive turrets he'll give you Reba II as a reward. You can also murder him and take it, or steal it when he isn't looking, but come on, what's the poor objectophile done to you?

Spray n' Pray

This is an extremely powerful submachine gun which deals 15 points of area explosive damage with every impact. It's pretty messy, and can hurt a bunch of enemies at once so it's good for taking on raider camps and the like. Also, you know, extra explosions are fun.

Where to find Spray n' Pray in Fallout 4

This is sold by Cricket, a vendor who moves around the Commonwealth and can be tricky to find. Keep an eye out for her: she's small and angry looking, and can be seen outside Diamond City and Vault 81.

Unique energy weapons

Alien Blaster Pistol

This deals pretty high levels of damage without any mods and, although it initially takes unique ammo, you can also mod it to take fusion cells later so you can keep using it. It just looks nice and retro futuristic, which is basically Fallout's entire schtick.

Where to find the Alien Blaster Pistol in Fallout 4

You need to find the crashed ship in the woods first, usually near Oberland Station. When you've found it you can follow the trail to a nearby cave and retrieve the pistol. You may encounter some resistance.

The Cryolator

It's pretty satisfying to see enemies freeze before your terrible wrath. The Cyrolator shoots a mid-range spray of freezing liquid, kind of like a flamer but with the opposite effect (although you can upgrade it to shoot crystals of the stuff instead). It does comparatively low damage but the whole freezing enemies thing pretty much makes up for that.

Where to find the Cryolator in Fallout 4

You may remember the gun in the overseer's office in Vault 111, which you couldn't get because you were about level one still and didn't have the skills to pick the master lock on the case it was in. This is that gun, and it's worth going back to pick it up.

Lorenzo's Artefact

When you forcibly remove a malignant, somehow sort of magical mask from the face of an old man called Lorenzo and then stick it into the dish of a gamma gun, this is what you get. While the the base build is a gamma gun it doesn't deal damage by giving rads to the target; rather, it deals actual damage points, so in that regard it's usually more effective than regular gamma guns.

Where to find Lorenzo's Artefact in Fallout 4

It's a bit of a slog to get this one. You have to investigate Cabot House in Boston and get your way in either by being engaged for work by Edward Deegan, a militaristic looking ghoul who'll come up to you in one of the bars around the Commonwealth (e.g. the Bunker Hill settlement, or The Dugout Inn in Diamond City) or by walking up to the Cabot House intercom and asking really nicely to be let in. Completing the entire string of quests and siding with Jack Cabot will earn you Lorenzo's Artefact as a gun, after Jack's had a week or so to put it together.

Sentinel's Plasmacaster

The Plasmacaster deals double damage to targets with full health, which means if you've got the skills and the right buffs to pistol damage you can take out a huge chunk of an enemy's health in one go. If you can make headshots that's probably a one shot lights out for anyone stupid enough to step to you.

Where to find the Sentinel's Plasmacaster

Once you're in with the Brotherhood of Steel, and have made yourself comfy on their big airship The Prydwen, you can start buying stuff from Teagan on the main deck, who has the Sentinel's Plasmacaster in his inventory. It is, however, like all the unique weapons you can buy on this list, quite expensive.

Virgil's Rifle

A pretty well modified institute rifle is alright on its own, but the most interesting part is that it deals an extra 50% damage to supermutants, which isn't something to turn your nose up at considering how many of them are kicking about these days.

Where to find Virgil's Rifle in Fallout 4

Virgil lives out in a cave in the glowing sea, past the Crater of Atom (which is where the nuclear bomb dropped hundreds of years ago) and off the edge of the southwest corner of the map. The issue is that he doesn't want to just give you his rifle, so you have to either kill him for it or nick it when he and his robots aren't looking.

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