Roblox: Ro-Ghoul codes (February 2024) – free Yen and RC redemption

Roblox: Ro-Ghoul codes (February 2024) – free Yen and RC redemption
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Ro-Ghoul codes are available for the Roblox game based on the popular Tokyo Ghoul series. In this anime fighting game, you can use these codes to get money and RC to help you get ahead.

You can redeem these regardless of which faction you fight for in Ro Ghoul, so don’t worry about missing out on the free items. Anime fighters are popular on Roblox, and we have codes for All Stars Tower Defense and codes for Anime Adventures.

Elsewhere, we have Genshin Impact codes and Honkai Star Rail codes just waiting to be redeemed. Now, on to the Ro Ghoul codes.

Latest active Ro Ghoul codes

These are the latest active Ro Ghoul codes currently working as of February 20, 2024. We test each code ourselves before putting it into the table below.

!Code XMAS231,00,000 RC and 500,000 Yen
!Code 2M FAVS2,000,000 RC, 2,000,000 Yen, 200 Color Credits
!Code ANNIVERSARY-55,000,000 RC, 5,000,000 Yen
!Code ALL HAIL PVP KING BLOOD!Exclusive mask reward
!Code Hallow231,00,000 RC and 500,000 Yen
!Code 1M FAVS1,00,000 RC and 1,00,000 Yen
All Ro Ghoul Codes in February
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Copy and paste

Codes are case sensitive, so make sure you copy and paste the codes from the above table exactly as it appears into the game.

Expired codes

The following codes have expired and no longer work:

!Code Sub2Sagee450,000 yen
!Code STAR OF 2024Exclusive mask
!Code HAPPY 20241,00,000 RC, 500,000 Yen, 200 Color Credits
!Code 500MV 500,000 RC and 500,000 Yen
!Code Sub2КоПанда50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Axiore50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2EDITTY50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2ibemaine 50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Praveen50,000 Yen
!Code Sub22KMz50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2GoldenOwl50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Roball 50,000 yen
!Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato 50,000 yen
!Code ANNIVERSARY-44,000,000 RC and 4,000,000 yen
!Code Sub2Praveen50,000 yen
!TrafMask1 Traf Mask
!Code FollowGODisPP
!Code 300MV300,000 RC and 300,000 yen
!Code Sub2Tokiitou50,000 yen
!Code Sub2КоПанда50,000 yen
!Code Sub2ItsBear50,000 yen
!Code Sub2KeizoHaHa50,000 yen
!Code Sub2MaTunMCS50,000 yen
!Code Sub2MIANNN50,000 yen
!Code Sub2NanoProdigy50,000 yen
!Code Sub2Telanthric50,000 yen
!Code Sub2NaiMark50,000 yen
!Code Sub2Sky1Ms50,000 yen
!Code Sub2RedDeMon50,000 yen
!Code Traftheopest
!ibemask1 Ibe Mask
!Code HNY2020

How to redeem Ro Ghoul codes

Character in Roblox Ro Ghoul holding a sword.
Character in Roblox Ro Ghoul holding a sword. (Image taken by VideoGamer)

To redeem codes, simply copy and paste each code individual from the table above into the chat box in-game.

To open the chat box, press the ‘/’ key to begin typing. As you enter the codes, make sure you’re writing them out as you see them, or simply copy them and paste them in-game.

That’s all the current codes available. If you’re a fan of Roblox, we have codes for several games you might be interested in. Read our pages on Blox Fruits codes, Da Hood codes, Match Masters free gifts, and Fruit Battlegrounds codes.

Ro Ghoul codes FAQs

How do I get more Ro Ghoul codes?

Codes are released by the developers of the game on social media. Make sure you check Twitter, YouTube, and the official Discord server to find codes. This is what we use to find active and new codes.

Who makes Ro Ghoul?

Ro Ghoul is a game made by SushiWalrus on Roblox. The game launched in 2017 and has seen regular updates throughout its life.