Pokemon Scarlet And Violet How To Nuggets

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet How To Nuggets
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Nuggets are treasures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that can be sold for a high price in the market. While these are a great way to farm PokeDollars in the game, finding nuggets while exploring Paldea is pretty rare. This leaves many to wonder where one can find a guaranteed Nugget after all the grind. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into the issue to find out how you can get your hands on multiple Nuggets in the game.

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What Are Nuggets In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Nuggets that are made of pure gold give a vibrant gleam that can help you spot them. Nuggets serve no particular purpose other than being sold in the shop. They are one of nine high price treasures in the game that will fetch you a hefty amount when sold. 

The price will also depend on the type of Nugget you have, which can either be a regular Nugget or a Big Nugget. The regular Nugget will fetch you P5000, whereas the Big Nugget can be sold for as much as P20000.

How To Get Nuggets In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

As Nuggets are of great value, the game has not made it easy to get a hold of them. You will have to explore Paldea, among other things, to find them. However, here are some methods you can use to get a hold of a few nuggets:

Claiming Nuggets From Your Pokedex

Capturing and filling up the Pokedex is one way of getting a Nugget in the game. Once you capture around 370 and 380 Pokemon, you can get a Nugget by going into the Pokedex app’s rewards menu and pressing X. The reward will be a Nugget which you can use in the game.

Obtaining Nuggets As A Reward In The Academy Ace Tournament

While getting a Big Nugget as a reward for finishing the Academy Ace Tournament is not guaranteed, it is a part of the prize pool for completing the tournament. The tournament is unlocked after you have completed the game and have defeated all eight Gym Leaders.

Exploring Paldea 

Surely, one of the better ways to find more than one Nugget is by exploring Paldea, as there are many items scattered across the map waiting to be discovered. All you need to do is head on over to the following locations on the map, and there will be a Nugget waiting for you.

On top of the eastern walls of the cityX: 5374Y: 8010
Across the pool near the mountains above Team Star’s Fighting BaseX: 12254Y: 5636
The nugget will be in plain sightX: 2941Y: 6203
On the southwestern edge of the larger island in West Paldean SeaX: 1650Y: 7169
On the southern tip of the little island in West Paldean Sea, just off the coast of the Asado DesertX: 1661Y: 8684
By a tree in Casseroya Lake SouthX: 5977Y: 6240
On the sea cliffs in Cabo PocoX: 7197Y: 13554
On a broken building in ruins.X: 2870Y: 4310
On some rocks out in the North Paldean Sea.X: 3145Y: 3664
On one of the islands in the North Paldean Sea.X: 1892Y: 6092

You can get to these locations by marking them on the map. The map will automatically create a path for you on the minimap once you close the map. This will make it much easier to get to your destination.

Bare in mind that these are not the only locations you can find Nuggets; they are scattered all across Pladea and can be obtained while exploring other locations as well.

Final Thoughts

Nuggets are extremely rare occurrences in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as they are extremely useful in the game. The best way to find a Nugget is while exploring, as you do not have to do any work and just have to head to the right location on the map.

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