Blizzard decided to try making a team shooter! Or, as they prefer, a hero shooter, and the result is Overwatch, a game that pits two teams of high concept warriors against one another. Will you be the Brazilian DJ who can heal his team mates by playing the right song, or the robot that can set himself up as a mini-gun turret?

The game gives you three different game modes: Control, Escort, Assault, and a Hybrid between two different ones. Not only that, but these take place on 12 different maps, and with a roster of 21 different colourful characters to play as, so as you can imagine there's going to be a lot for you to wrap your head around.

We're going to give you guides to help, starting with tips for beginners, and then more advanced and specific tactics for the different game types and enemies you'll be facing. Keep checking back as you hone your skills to get info that'll hone them even further, into a razor sharp edge.

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