How to turn on Forgiving Mode in Jagged Alliance 3

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Wondering how to turn on Forgiving Mode in Jagged Alliance 3? Publisher THQ Nordic’s and developer Haemimont Games’ third entry into the series is just as tough and challenging as its predecessors. For plenty of players, that challenge can be too time consuming, too frustrating, or too taxing to put up with. Sometimes, making the game easier is the best way to improve your experience with it.

We’ll go over how to turn on Forgiving Mode in Jagged Alliance 3. Making your encounters a little easier might not be enough by itself though, so make sure you know how to make money in Jagged Alliance 3 too if you’re determined to liberate Grand Chien from the Legion.

How to turn on Forgiving Mode

To turn on Forgiving Mode in Jagged Alliance 3, you need to select it at the start of a new game, or from the options menu in an ongoing game.

If you’re starting a new game, you’ll have the option to turn it on during the game setup main menu. Hovering over it will explain how it works, and what changes it’ll make to the strategy game’s mechanics.

If you have an ongoing game, you can activate it with the following steps:

  • Press the Escape button on your keyboard or controller
  • Navigate to the Options button and click to open the settings.
  • From the Settings menu, navigate down to the Gameplay submenu.
  • The third option on this menu is a toggle switch for Forgiving Mode.
Forgiving Mode in Jagged Alliance 3: The Gameplay Options menu screen.

Jagged Alliance Forgiving mode aims to make the game easier without undercutting the core mechanics or the mission designs. It’ll give you some more opportunities in combat to recover from your mistakes. If your merc messes up, misses shots, or ends a turn in poor positioning, attackers are less likely to punish you for it. It’ll also make healing and repairing equipment and weapons faster and cheaper. Lastly, it’ll provide a boost to your income, helping you get through the early game and keep your mercenaries employed with less worry. As a whole, your squad should be more survivable, regardless of your choice of tactics. If you take care to choose the best starting mercs too when you begin your game, you should find the experience an enjoyable and engaging one, regardless of your level of skill.

That covers everything you need to know about Forgiving Mode in Jagged Alliance 3, and how to activate it. If you want to find other ways to make your experience easier, why not learn a bit more about all Jagged Alliance 3 perks and traits, new and returning, or how Jagged Alliance 3 operations work? Arming yourself with knowledge is the best way to improve your tactical abilities and strategic thinking after all.

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