How To Trade Pokémon in Pokémon Home

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Pokémon Home introduced some very cool features to all the new Pokémon games. The service now acts as a hub for storing all the Pokémon you collected from different games in one place. But that is not all; you can even exchange your Pokémon with other Pokémon Home users. How cool is that!?

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Pokémon Home allows you four exciting ways to trade your Pokémon, and by the end of this article, you’ll know all of them. So without any further delays, let’s dive in!

How To Trade In Pokémon Home

The trading feature in Pokémon Home is only available for the Pokémon Home mobile app version. The mobile version of Pokémon Home is more interesting than the Switch version, according to most people. This is primarily because of the incredible trading menu it has.

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Currently, Pokémon Home has four trading systems that are listed below:

  1. Wonder Box
  2. GTS (Global Trading Station)
  3. Room Trade
  4. Friend Trade

Let’s discuss all four of these in more detail:

Pokémon Home: Wonder Box

The Wonder Box is a Wonder trade system, also known as the surprise trade system in some Pokémon games. In this system, you must put your Pokémon inside a box, and when you come back later, it will be traded with a random Pokémon.

The Pokémon you can get from the Wonder Box is totally random and is traded with other people who are looking to exchange their Pokémon with Wonder Box.

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The Premium version of Pokémon Home allows you to have 10 slots, meaning you can have 10 Pokémons up for trade through Wonder Box at a time. In contrast, the free version of Pokémon Home allows you to only have three slots. 

GTS (Global Trading Station)

The GTS has been previously seen in many Pokémon games. This is where you can place any Pokémon up for Trade in the GTS and request a specific Pokémon in return.

You can also specify which game the Pokémon you want should be from, its gender, and its level. This form of trade is similar to putting up an ad and waiting for potential customers to accept. 

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You can, for example, set up a Flarion for trade and request a Ditto (of any level, any gender, and any game). If anyone who has a Ditto that is fulfilling your requirement wants to trade, they will accept the trade, and you will get a notification whenever this happens.

Pokémon Home: Room Trade

Room Trade is a bit similar to the Wonder Box trade, but instead of trading with a random person on the internet, you only trade with the people in the same room(lobby) as you, and the Pokémon you get will be random. 

With that said, only premium users of Pokémon Home can create these ‘rooms’ or lobbies, while free users can only join these rooms. If you want someone in particular, perhaps a friend, to join your trade room, simply send them the QR code of the room. 

The Room Trade is a rather peculiar way of trading Pokémon that has not gained much traction just yet, but it can gain popularity in the future. This feature will probably come to its real potential at Pokémon game conventions or Pokémon events, so keep an eye out for those.

Pokémon Home: Friend Trade

The Friend Trade, as the name implies, lets you trade directly with your friend. First, you have to add the friend using their friend code.

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Then you can directly start trading with them. This is a good feature because you would know that your friend has a Pokémon that you so badly want, and you can have him send that Pokémon right to you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think Pokémon Home has made it even easier and more fun to share your Pokémon with other Pokémon enthusiasts around the globe. Due to this, everyone is definitely a fan of this service. If you want, check out our guides tab for more guides about your favorite games.