The Untended Graves are one of the weirdest areas in Dark Souls 3. They're the first area of the game, but if that area was give a dark spooky reskin for Halloween. This raises a lot of questions: is the Firelink Shrine you have as your home base in the past, present, or future? How do they both exist at once? What about the different Champion Gundyrs? Should any notionally grown adult spend time thinking about this? Who knows. Anyway, this is a small area and you basically already know the layout, so explore and see what you run into (this will include dogs; knights). This guide will help you in the right direction, a bit.

How to find the Untended Graves in Dark Souls 3

After defeating Oceiros, the Consumed King open the doors at the back of his boss room and go round into the room behind it. At the back of this room is a chest, and behind that is an illusory wall. Whack that wall to get through it into the Untended Graves.

Bonfires at the Untended Graves in Dark Souls 3

Untended Graves bonfire in Dark Souls 3

When you run through the illusory wall you'll come to a drop, which takes you down into the Graves properly. The bonfire is right by the drop.

Champion Gundyr bonfire in Dark Souls 3

Appears after you defeat Champion Gundyr. This Gundyr is way more lary than the version you met at the start of the game. Despite the fact that this area is a copy of the Cemetery of Ash, the area where you woke up at the start of the game, these are the only two bonfires in it. Because screw you, that's why.

Key items at the Untended Graves in Dark Souls 3

These are all in the bizzaro-world version of Firelink Shrine, which means you need to beat Champion Gundyr to open the gates there. There's some worthwhile stuff, though.

Coiled Sword Fragment

This is where the Firelink Shrine bonfire would be, if this was the Firelink Shrine you know and love. The Coiled Sword fragment works like a homeward bone, except it has unlimited uses, so it's pretty great, and would have been useful to have earlier in the game...

Eyes of a Fire Keeper

Go around to where Irina of Carim sits in your Firelink Shrine, and hit the wall there. It will vanish, and you can collect the Eyes of a Fire Keeper. These can then be given to the Fire Keeper at your Shrine, and she will offer to remove fire from the world. This unlocks another ending to the game.

Hollow Ashes

These are found where Yoel of Londor would be in Firelink Shrine. If you've progressed the [xulr=/features/game_guide/dark_souls_3_guide_anri_of_astora_questline_walkthrough.html]sinister half of the Anri of Astora questline[/xurl] by drawing out your strength with Yeol and all that gubbins, then they won't be here, but this won't necessarily ruin this game unless you're well into buying poisoned knives. They unlock a couple of new items for purchase if you give the ashes to the Shrine Handmaid. Including poisoned knives. That's why we said the thing about poisoned knives before.

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