Cricket 24 Release Date – All new licenses and game modes

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The Cricket 24 release date has arrived. Originally scheduled to arrive in time for the Ashes Series in the summer, Big Ant Studios and Nacon delayed the launch until the beginning of the Cricket World Cup.

Now the game is out, we have already put hours into the game. We have produced a Cricket 24 review which includes new features, licenses, and of course, Career mode.

Without further ado, take a look at everything you need to know about the Cricket 24 release date, licenses, and game modes.

Cricket 24 release date

Cricket 24 was released on October 5, 2023. The game had been previously listed by retailers as releasing in June. Fans using PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC will be able to enjoy the full game from the launch date.

Fans looking to play out their Ashes fantasies on Nintendo Switch will need to wait a little while longer. The game will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 30, 2023.

Cricket 24 price

Cricket 24 price is set at £49.99 across all platforms on Amazon. There are no signs of any limited or bonus editions or micro-transactions in any pre-order perks.

Cricket 24 licenses

There are plenty of new licenses in Cricket 24. Full licenses for major cricket nations Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and the West Indies are available, along with over 200 players with full photogrammetry.

Scotland, Oman, and Thailand are among the newly licensed national teams in the game.

Competitions and tournaments that will be fully licensed include The Ashes, Big Bash, and the Caribbean Premier League. 50 highly detailed stadiums will also feature in this year’s game.

See the full list of licensed playable tournaments in Cricket 24:

  • The Ashes
  • KFC BBL (Big Bash League)
  • Weber WBBL (Women’s Big Bash League)
  • The Hundred
  • Caribbean Premier League
  • Pakistan Super League

India is the key license for Big Ant to secure, but there has been progress made in this area. A number of professional Indian T20 teams feature. Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Rajasthan Royals are all involved this year.

The teams and detailed official stadiums aren’t the only new licenses. Unique commentary from Australian legend Adam Gilchrist adds to the most realistic cricket video game ever.

Big Ant CEO Ross Symons has confirmed more licenses will be added, so watch this space.

Cricket 24 game modes

There are loads of new game modes in Cricket 24 this year, but one rumor has gone quiet. It was suggested that a ‘Pro Team’ mode would be added, offering something similar to what we see in FC 24 Ultimate Team. This is yet to materialize, but there is still lots to enjoy in the latest cricket video game.

Play Now – Get going in a single player or multiplayer match of your choice with a host of custom options to create your perfect game or recreate your favourite test.

Career – Take your player from club cricket to international stardom and fulfill your destiny, or take over from an existing player. The choice is yours as you navigate press conferences, detailed cutscenes, and greater immersion in this year’s game.

The Ashes – The Big Ant Studios team has brought depth to the biggest rivalry in cricket. Now you can re-live The Ashes and claim the urn for your country in your own Ashes journey.

Online – Available fully cross platform, challenge the best players from around the world in the biggest tournaments on different platforms.

World Championship – Take your team to the top in ODI or T20 World Championships.

Competition and Tour – Gamers can create their own tournaments. Whether you want to use the world’s best players on the international stage, or play with teams from each corner of the globe is up to you. With plenty of women’s cricket teams available you can use them too!

Practice and Tutorials – Learn and master the game including the new responsive fielding controls. A complete overhaul of the fielding systems means you will need to get to grips with the new fielding quickly.

Cricket Academy – A favourite of the fan base. A plethora of custom content is available to craft in the academy, including players and stadiums!

You can also play some of the tournaments with official licenses. Featuring some of the world’s best players, you can compete in The Hundred, BBL, WBBL, Indian T20 League, CPL, PSL, and Super Smash.

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