Bloodborne is From Software's spiritual successor to the incredibly challenging Souls series. Arriving exclusively on PS4, Bloodborne sees players once again fight their way through a sprawling landscape, taking on countless enemies along the way.

One thing that can be guaranteed in Bloodborne is that you'll die, quite a lot. Souls fans have become synonymous with challenge. This isn't for the feint of heart, and you'll need to be at your very best in order to beat what lies in wait.

The combat system has seen an overhaul, with the near-complete removal of shields in favour of sword plus gun gameplay. Rather than sit back and block attacks, players must now pivot and manoeuvre around a fight, picking openings in enemy attacks in order to counter. Fights are much faster, but so too are the enemies.

There are also new procedurally-generated Chalice Dungeons to explore for players who simply can't get enough of the main game.

Taking the best of Demon's and Dark Souls, Bloodborne is certain to satiate the appetite of its masochistic fanbase. And to help them along the way, we'll be putting together a series of guides to help you get the most out of your journey.

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