AMD RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT comparison – is Navi

AMD RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT comparison – is Navi
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We’re taking a look at a comparison between the RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT to help you decide if you should upgrade or not.

The RX 7700 XT has released alongside the RX 7800 XT. These dazzling new GPUs are AMD’s latest 7000-series graphics cards aimed at 1440p gaming. The RX 7700 XT comes at just $450, and AMD also announced the latest FSR and Hyper-RX features with it, making the deal very exciting. If you’re looking to buy an RX 7700 XT, then we’ve got you covered.

So who’s the opponent? The RX 6700 XT has been out since early 2021, and it is known for its excellent performance across all resolutions, including playable FPS at 4K. Since it is an older card, you can get it for a much more affordable price tag, which makes it an even better deal. 

Do you want to future-proof your build with the RX 7700 XT, or are you looking to save some bucks with the previous-gen RX 6700 XT?

RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT – architecture

No we’re not going to be talking about buildings, we’re going to be breaking down the performance and the efficiency of the graphics cards, as well as how well the GPUs will stand the test of time.

The RX 7700 XT, just like the rest of the RX 7000-series graphics cards, is built using the RDNA 3.0 architecture. RDNA 3.0 is AMD’s latest architecture and the world’s first to use a unified GPU chiplet, resulting in up to 50% better power efficiency, which is very impressive. The RDNA 3.0 architecture also brings TSMC’s 5nm technology to the table, giving the cards a significant improvement in both performance and efficiency. Other notable improvements of RDNA 3.0 include 2nd gen Raytracing, 2nd gen AMD Infinity cache, and the introduction of AI Acceleration for better performance.

What makes this comparison interesting it that the RX 6700 XT is a predecessor to the RX 7700 XT. However, the RX 6700 XT is based on the RDNA 2.0 architecture. RDNA 2.0 uses TSMC’s 7nm process node, which is quite power efficient on its own but nowhere near as good as 5nm. While RDNA 2.0 lacks AI Acceleration and the chiplet design, it was AMD’s first architecture to bring Raytracing and AMD Infinity Cache to their GPU line-up.

Overall, the RDNA 3.0 is superior to RDNA 2.0 from every angle. No matter how you look at it, the architecture is a clear step up. You get significantly improved power efficiency thanks to the chiplet design, lots of performance with the 5nm process node, and improved visuals with better Raytracing.

RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT – spec comparison

SpecsRX 7700 XT RX 6700 XT 
GPU ArchitectureRDNA 3.0RDNA 2.0
Base clock1900 MHz2321 MHz
Boost clock2544 MHz2581 MHz
Die Size346 mm²335 mm²
Memory12 GB GDDR612 GB GDDR6
Bandwidth432 GB/s384 GB/s
TGP245 W230 W

The RX 7700 XT is the direct successor of the RX 6700 XT, and there is significant specs improvement across the board. However, the overall increase in numbers is not as tempting as you might expect. Sure, you get 896 more cores and +48 GB/s memory bandwidth, but the VRAM remains the same, and the clock speeds take a dip.

This does not mean that the RX 7700 XT is in any way inferior to the RX 6700 XT. It shows that the underlying architecture of the RX 7700 XT (RDNA 3.0) is so strong that AMD did not have to push more numbers into the GPU to get the best performance. Sounds like a family of strong genes!

Looking at the TGP, the RX 7700 XT is rated to consume slightly more power (15W). However, let’s see how the chiplet design comes into play to improve the power efficiency once the card is out. Overall, the more cores and higher bandwidth will give the RX 7700 XT the advantage it needs, but it would be really good if AMD gave better clock speeds to the card. Whether power efficiency is a priority or not, we’d always recommend checking out the best 850W PSUs.

RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT – performance

If you’re planning to upgrade from the RX 6700 XT to the RX 7700 XT, then you must want to know about how the two perform against each other. The RX 7700 XT is above the RX 6800, meaning that the card should handle 1440p and 4K gaming without any issues.

We already know for sure how the RX 6700 XT performs. The card nails 1440p gaming with over 100+ FPS on average. The RX 6700 can definitely be considered the best GPU for 1440p gaming. It can even handle 4K gaming with playable FPS. It’s got 1st gen Raytracing, and it will support Hyper-RX, which is set to come with the RX 7700 XT. Plus, since the card has 12 GB of VRAM, it can also handle other tasks productivity tasks with zero performance issues. The RX 6700 can definitely be considering

Overall, the RX 7700 XT surpasses the RX 6700 XT in all gaming benchmarks with a solid margin. However, the RX 6700 XT is still a good card that offers excellent performance. 

RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT – price comparison

Price is a major factor to consider when upgrading your GPU. Sure, the RX 7700 XT has excellent performance, but is it worth it? Well, AMD has listed the card at $450. It is not the best number, as something like $400 to $420 would have been better, but it is also not overpriced. The RX 7700 XT AIB variants are also priced in the same $450 range.

Where to buy the RX 7700 XT:

On the other hand, the RX 6700 XT can be found for as low as $340, with higher-end variant RGB variants going over $450.

As far as the term bang for the buck is concerned, that title still goes to the RX 6700 XT. As soon as the RX 7700 XT hits the shelves, the RX 6700 XT will see a solid decline in price, and that’ll make the card an even better value for money. This does not mean that the RX 7700 XT is grossly overpriced, but it is not offering as much value as its predecessor.

RX 7700 XT vs RX 6700 XT – final word

All things considered, if you’re after the latest graphics card that offers all the bells and whistles that the RX 7000-series cards come with, then the RX 7700 XT is perfect for you. It gives plenty of performance and will last you for many years to come without any hiccups. However, if you’re on a tight budget and want a rock-solid 1440p graphics card that gives excellent performance as well as good value for money, then the RX 6700 XT is your best option.