• Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

    Expansion to 2004's monster smash. This add-on includes a new single player campaign, new weapons and new monsters.

  • Space Invaders Revolution

    The classic game is brought to the DS making use of the unique features of the DS.

  • Twisted Metal: Head On

    The multiplayer vehicular combat game from Sony makes its first appearance on the PSP.

  • Pac Pix

    Pac Man comes to the Nintendo DS, making full use of the console's touch-screen.

  • Dirty Harry

    Details are very thin, but it'll be a game based on Harry's exploits - seemingly perfect for a game.

  • Auto Assault

    Massively multiplayer online vehicular combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

  • SOCOM 3

    The third game in the succesul online team based shooter from Zipper Interactive.

  • World Racing 2

    Sequel to the ambitious World Racing, which built up a small following. The sequel promises to build on the technology built for the first game.

  • Empire Earth II

    Lead your people through 12,000 years and conquer the World in the sequel to the smash-hit Empire Earth

  • Masters of the Universe He-Man: Defender of Grayskull

    "By the power of Grayskull. I have the power!" - Budget videogame rendition of the original cartoon series.

  • Deadly Strike

    It's your mission to fight your way through an island defeating evil minions to reach the castle and claim victory over other contestants.

  • America's Army: Rise of a Soldier

    Taking the army experience one step further, Rise of a Soldier let's you take your soldier through an entire army career.

  • The Roots

    RPG featuring an epic storyline with the forces of good and evil battling for control over the world.

  • ParaWorld

    RTS set in a world of dinosaurs, featuring both a single player campaign and multi-player modes.

  • WWE Wrestlemania XXI

    Take part in the biggest event in Sports Entertainment, Wrestlemania. Go online and challenge for titles.

  • Killer7

    A stylish cel shaded game that seems to defy categorization.

  • Tales of Legendia

    Namco's next game in the 'Tales of' series.

  • Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

    Realistic war game from Gearbox and Ubisoft, made with the help of Colonel John Antal.

  • Def Jam Fight For New York

    Another bone crunching hip-hop fighting games. Is this one up to scratch?

  • Condemned

    Sega and Monolith team up to make this next generation FPS psychological thriller.

  • All Points Bulletin: Reloaded

    Either uphold or break the law in this online Cops vs Robbers game from the man behind the creation of the GTA series.