Torbjorn Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Torbjorn Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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Overwatch 2 is a team-based first-person shooter that features 35 different heroes for the player to choose from. Each hero is unique in their own way, possessing different playstyles, abilities, weapons, and personalities. In addition, each and every hero belongs to one of three different roles that further define them in combat. These roles are tanks that can help to protect their team, supports that heal their allies and DPS that can dish out damage to their enemies. Knowing which hero to choose can make all the difference in a battle. Torbjorn is a DPS hero that specializes in building his turret to defend areas and eliminate foes. Here is everything players need to know about playing Torbjorn in Overwatch 2.

Who is Torbjorn in Overwatch 2?

Torbjorn is able to use his Rivet Gun and his turret to cut down enemies and hold chokepoints and objectives in Overwatch 2. With his portable forge, he can craft and maintain his turrets, which can eliminate even the mightiest of tanks. Torbjorn has seen a few improvements in Overwatch 2, and players can pick him as a defensive-oriented DPS character that can give their team all the backup they need to win a match.

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DPS heroes received a rework in Overwatch 2

With all of the changes that occurred in Overwatch 2, perhaps the biggest one was the difference in team composition. In the original Overwatch, teams consisted of 6 players each. In Overwatch 2 however, now teams have been reduced to 5 players per team. This means each team has one less tank to work with. In order to make up for this rebalancing of teams, each role in the game has received a special passive bonus. DPS heroes including Torbjorn, receive a 25% movement speed and reload speed buff for a few seconds on eliminating an enemy. Though this ability does not stack, further eliminations will reset the duration.

Torbjorn’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Torbjorn Weapons and Abilities

Torbjorn plays largely the same as he did in the original Overwatch. The biggest difference he received is enhancements to his weapon, the Rivet Gun. This means that any players who played him before will feel very familiar with Overwatch 2. Those who choose Torbjorn can learn to use his abilities and give their team an advantage as they build their way to victory.

Rivet Gun

The Rivet Gun is Torbjorn’s weapon of choice in Overwatch 2. In the primary fire mode, the Rivet Gun shoots a long-range projectile that deals 70 damage on hitting the enemy. For Overwatch 2, the Rivet Gun’s primary fire has received a slight increase, now sitting at .55 seconds between shots (down from .61). In addition, the Rivet Gun also has a secondary firing mode that is more suited for short-range combat and fires like a shotgun, shooting 20 pellets that each does up to 12.5 damage per pellet. However, this secondary firing mode suffers damage fall off at higher ranges, and should not be used for long-range fights. The secondary firing mode was also improved with an increase in firing rate at .7 (down from .8) seconds between shots.

The Rivet Gun holds 18 ammo and consumes 1 ammo per shot in primary fire mode, and 3 ammo per shot in secondary firing mode. The Rivet Gun takes 1.5 seconds to reload.

Forge Hammer

The Forge Hammer is Torbjorn’s secondary weapon and serves two different purposes. The first is that when Torbjorn swings the Forge Hammer at his turret, it will repair 50 HP worth of damage to the turret per swing. In addition, the Forge Hammer can be used as a melee damage weapon, causing 55 damage per swing to enemies hit. The Forge Hammer has a range of 2.5 meters and can be swung once every .85 seconds.

Deploy Turret

When used, Deploy Turret causes Torbjorn to deploy a self-building turret. The turret takes 3 seconds to build, and once built, has 250 HP and can deal damage to enemies. When firing, the turret deals 14 damage per .25 seconds and has a maximum range of 15 meters. The turret will target enemies on its own, however, when Torbjorn shoots a target with his primary fire from Rivet Gun, the turret will prioritize that target. The turret can be destroyed by enemies, and if destroyed will incur a 10-second cooldown. The Deploy Turret ability has a 5-second cooldown if the turret is not destroyed, and since there can be only 1 turret at once, will remove the old turret to place a new one.

However, the turret cannot be redeployed if it dealt or received damage in the last 3 seconds. The icon will show players when this is the case. Once the time has elapsed, players can again place the turret where they wish.


Overload allows Torbjorn to buff himself in combat and gives him a few boosted stats. When used, he increases his armor by 100, his movement speed by 30%, and his fire and reload speed by 43%.  In addition, Overload also increases the swing speed of Forge Hammer by 37% as well as reduces the time between swings by 11%. This means that the ability can be used offensively to deal more damage with his Rivet Gun, or can be used defensively to increase his survivability and Forge Hammer swing rate to keep his turret up while under fire. Overload has a cooldown of 10 seconds between uses.

Molten Core

Molten Core is Torbjorn’s Ultimate Ability, and when used will cause him to fire out molten slag from his claw. During Molten Core, Torbjorn fires 10 bolts of molten slag which can cause pools on the floor which cause 25 damage on impact, 160 damage per second an enemy stays in the pool, and an additional 90 damage per second against armor. This can be a great tool for area denial, and in addition, can cause massive damage to enemy teams that are grouped up.

Tips for using Torbjorn in Overwatch 2

Tjorborn shines in defending an area in Overwatch 2. While he hasn’t changed much since the original game, he will stand to be more of a capable damage dealer due to the increased fire rate of his Rivet Gun. His turret is more than capable of defeating his foes, and with Overload, he can dish out punishment or keep his turret active through sustained fire.

However, he lacks mobility besides Overload, and because of this, he can be punished if caught out of position or without his turret. Players can play Torbjorn to help their team capture objectives and keep the enemy from entering certain areas.

Use Torbjorn to create a win in Overwatch 2

Torbjorn is an amazing defensive-oriented hero that can shut down entire areas of the map. With the right usage, players can get the enemy team to move right where they want them. His effective zoning combined with massive damage potential can make Torbjorn a force to be reckoned with. Players can choose Torbjorn and help their team create a victory in Overwatch 2.