Guild Wars: Factions

The next chapter in the critically acclaimed Guild Wars franchise.

On: PC

First Released: 27 April 2006

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    Guild Wars gets the hot wok treatment from ArenaNet in this mythical Asian-themed MMORPG.

    Posted 21 August 2006

  • Guild Wars Factions Dragon Festival

    NCsoft and ArenaNet are inviting those on the continent of Cantha to the Guild Wars Factions Dragon Festival.

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    The free beta weekend proves to be a little busy.

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  • Guild Wars Factions due on April 28

    A collector's edition will ship alongside the standard version, containing all the usual extras NCsoft likes to include in these packages.

    Posted 10 March 2006

  • Guild Wars Factions Championship

    NCsoft and ArenaNet have announced the Guild Wars Factions Championship, which is scheduled to begin next month.

    Posted 27 February 2006

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    ArenaNet has announced its plans for a Guild Wars Factions Preview Event, to take place on March 24, open to game players all over the world.

    Posted 10 February 2006

  • Guild Wars: Factions in Q2 2006

    NCsoft has announced Guild Wars: Factions for release in quarter two of 2006. The game will be opened to all in January for a free weekend where players can experience the game for the first time.

    Posted 11 January 2006