Greetings, E3 fans! As you may or may not already know, is off to E3 next week and we're running a live banter session during the Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, Sony and Nintendo press conferences. But why chat out of your mouth when you could ingest fluids through your mouth?

These fluids may or may not be alcoholic fun juices, by the way, but only if you are legally entitled to consume party squash.

Simply download our bingo cards for the big three to your computer, print them out and play along at home - possibly while nattering away in our live chats while watching the various steams across the Internet. Here's the rules!

  • The square in the middle is a free space.
  • You need to cross off each box if and when the event happens during the appropriate conference. And also have a drink of your beverage.
  • If you miss an event because you've gone for a wee or you were distracted by something, then you lose the opportunity to get that square unless it happens again.
  • Everyone who manages to complete a full bingo line horizontally, vertically or diagonally becomes an official Bingo Winner 2012, which may or may not make you happier as a human being.
Bingo Microsoft 2012 E3


Bingo Sony 2012 E3


Bingo Nintendo 2102 E3


See you on Monday!