Tom Orry, Editor - FIFA 12, Xbox 360, PS3

I've been in the FIFA 12 zone all week but it has meant that the annual twin face-off took place in the office. Having played the game considerably more than James it was somewhat embarrassing to lose our first match on penalties, but from then on I proved to be the more competent player, winning the next three games on the bounce. The only downside to playing FIFA in the office is that it resulted in everyone else losing their mind, turning into catchphrase-shouting Alan Partridge impersonators. Considering most of them here can't tell a Rooney from a Crouch I had no idea the game would cause such disruption.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - Renegade Ops, PS3, Xbox 360

Twin-stick shooters tend to lean heavily on that Just One More Go feeling. JOMG is in turn reliant on a quick turnaround, a repeated cycle of near-miss attempts, followed by a gleeful payoff when you find success - usually a friend-trashing high score. My chief criticism of Renegade Ops is that its levels seem to test your endurance, rather than your skill. It can be a punishing game, but the genre more or less demands that this is the case. The trick is to keep the player coming back for more, and with Renegade Ops, I just don't feel the love. It looks good, and the retro styling is largely on the money, but it never, ever feels addictive. And if that's not the case, what's the point?

Martin Gaston, Previews Editor - Gears of War 3, Xbox 360

This week I have played almost 200 waves of Horde. On three separate occasions I've seen off the best Queen Myrrah has to offer, accompanied at various points by forumites SM7THY and Neon-Soldier32. I like Gears of War 3 a lot.

Anyway, here are my tips for Horde. Play on Overpass and build your Command Post at the top of the steps in the middle of the map - this gives you two turret spots, four areas for spikes, and a sentry. If one player builds a turret on the bridge they get an amazing view of the depot spawn, and the AI will almost never attack from this spot. Bunker down at the top of the stairs and enemies are forced to walk up to you, which should give you ample opportunity to destroy the opposition. Just be careful of the Berserker.

The only problem with the game is that Pearson is still a lot better than I am. I hope Epic will fix this in time for Gears of War 4.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Geometry Wars 2, Xbox 360

Pearson made a bet with me the other day that I couldn't beat his Pacifism Score in Geometry Wars 2. He said there was no way in hell I'd be able to do it one evening, and bet me a pint that I would arrive at work the next day without having topped it.

I went home that evening pretty fired up, although was slightly concerned because my own Pacifism score (which was a good 110,000,000 lower than Pearson's) hadn't been beaten in several years. I turned the console on, and didn't have much luck for the first half an hour - I think my best attempt was just shy of 100 mil. Then I whacked on some more appropriate music - some Shikari, in this case - and cracked out 254,516,175 within ten minutes. I'm now waiting for Neon to make a similar bet with his Waves score.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Diablo III, PC

I'm one of the select few who you detest for getting into the Diablo III beta. Unlike the average pleb who gets to spend their weekend speaking to their friends in the outdoors I'm spending mine eating chilli at my desk, lounging in my pyjamas as if I were a debonair teen heiress, and playing and then replaying the same two-hour long Act that Blizzard is using as evidence that the game actually exists. Here's a basic review of the game so far: It's good. It's very good. And you shouldn't trust anyone who says otherwise. We should have a preview going up sometime on Monday so keep on the lookout.