Simon Miller, Editor In Chief - GTA 5, PS3

Although you've probably ingested more GTA 5 information in the last 24 hours than you can handle and, to be honest, I only saw it rather than played it, it's my pleasure to say this is what I'm compelled to talk about this week. While Rockstar's latest demo was short, it gave enough away to convince me that it's going to the best game of the year and for good reason.

Weirdly, I'm not even that fussed about all the little things that are returning, such as being able to customise your clothes or take a yoga class. I like that the options exist, but if my San Andreas experience is anything to go by, I'll mostly ignore that side and just explore the ridiculously big world that exists. The fact those trinkets are there, though, just gives yet more evidence that Rockstar is attempting to offer up every side of GTA you can think of.

As an aside, what I'm not excited about is Remember Me. Keep it locked here on - say Monday - to find out why...

James Orry, News Editor - Rayman: Jungle Run, Android

I've just entered the world of tablet gaming, and because I'm cheap went for a Tegra-class Android device over the super pricey iPad range. It's actually pretty great and I'm currently blasting through Rayman: Jungle Run.

The game looks and sounds amazing, but importantly manages to make platforming enjoyable on a touchscreen by bringing an endless runner style mechanic to the table, which does away with fiddly controls best left to dpads. For those still smarting at the delay to Rayman Legends, Jungle Run should ease the pain somewhat.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - FIFA 13, Xbox 360

It's not been a good week for me, thanks to the volcanic outburst of profanity and all-out, toddler-style, reputation-damaging nonsense that followed losing a game or three of FIFA to Miller.

Not that any of that was my fault, of course. If EA is going to make a game based around quick reactions where the players turn like oil tankers and have the intelligence of cows, how am I supposed to act in a reasonable manner? Exactly. Besides, the result was illegitimate, as anyone playing as Real Madrid are lower scum than Oddjob GoldenEye players. I'm off to sulk now. Bye!

Matt Lees, Video Production Editor - Luigi's Mansion 2, 3DS


After weeks of playing Luigi's Mansion 2 in tiny bursts, I'm finally up to the second mansion. Personally, I blame public transport - trying to kill that massive spider while rocking about on a bus was an absolute nightmare, and it's nice to be back to exploring again. I'm really interested to see how the whole game pans out, and I'm really loving it so far.

Dark Souls Pants Man was eventful this week, but there's one bit I can't get out of my head. I kicked the Onion Knight off a cliff, and feel incredibly guilty about that. I blame Chris and the people in the live-chat for egging me on, but really I've only got myself to blame. I haven't caved to peer pressure in years, but on this week's live-stream I finally cracked. I'M SO SORRY, MR. ONION.

Chris Bratt, Video Producer - StarDrive, PC


StarDrive still feels super unfinished and like most space strategy games it's all sorts of overwhelming when you first get started, but man, I am enjoying StarDrive.

My race of space bears (also called the Kulrathi, if you're being boring), have big dreams. They look at the stars and see only new worlds to conquer and pillage; planets to be stripped for resources; and lesser races that must be crushed beneath their boots. Do space bears wear boots? I hope so.

StarDrive has pinched a bunch of really good ideas from other titles, most notably the brilliant ship design tools of Gratuitous Space Battles, and its developer does seem keen to continue improving and hopefully fixing the game in the coming months. I just wish they hadn't released it quite so early.

Editor's Note: If you too are playing StarDrive, please let Chris know so he doesn't feel so alone...