Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Yoshi's New Island, 3DS

What the **** is this?! I remember sitting down with Yoshi's New Island at last year's E3 and being slightly perturbed how it was all working out. The demo thrown in front of me wasn't very long - 15 minutes tops - but even in that short timeframe I was concerned that not a lot happened. A lot of aimlessly walking right with not much challenge.

So, it was both unsurprising and disappointing when the final version landed on my lap... and was exactly the same! Either I've become the most impatient man on the planet, or Yoshi's New Island is actually bereft of ideas. You don't do anything! Yes, there's collectables to try and get, but that doesn't shake up events that much. It just means you jump a bit higher on occasion.

No one likes the phrase: 'would probably be alright for a child', but that is apt here. This is a distraction. Nothing less. Nothing more. Don't buy it.

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Titanfall, Xbox One

You know what you're getting into: mechs, wall-running and Call of Duty's supersonic gunplay all rolled into one. But even though it feels so familiar, even though it's arguably the biggest CoD clone yet, it somehow manages to mask the fact it's a CoD clone better than any other before it.

The hype for Titanfall, then, just goes to show how exciting a new Call of Duty could be if it dared to be different, its twist on the formula so refreshing that even the most fatigued may find it hard not to become addicted all over again. But unless Sledgehammer attempts something dramatically different with this year's CoD, it's hard to see myself ever going back.

Tom Orry, Editorial Director - FIFA 14, PS4

I was going to play South Park this week, but on my first attempt my laptop took a whole evening to update, and on my second I forgot that downloading games from Steam isn't instant. So, to FIFA 14 I turned. It was the usual mixture of disappointing results, which saw me relegated from a FIFA Ultimate Team league thanks to a last-minute winner in a game I had lead 2-0 at one stage.

I ventured online again and suffered similar misery, leading a pretty decent team 2-0 at half time only to concede three goals in the final 20 minutes. I'm somehow quite good but also rubbish.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor- Dark Souls II, PS4