Tom Orry, Editor - Trials Evolution, Xbox 360

Well, if you've been following my misery with Trials Evolution you'll know that I was struggling with Dark City Run. The good news is that I did it! Hooray for me. The bad news is that I'm having a terrible time trying to finish the very next stage. I've already pumped over an hour into it and can't see that bronze medal popping up any time soon. If I'm honest the game is becoming quite maddening, but I just can't stop playing. I'm not usually this obsessive about video games - certainly not ones I'm so bad at - but for some reason Trials has me hooked.

Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor - Forza Motorsport 4, Xbox 360

So I downloaded the Porsche expansion pack for Forza Motorsport 4. It's not the most exciting piece of content in the whole world, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Mostly I've been driving around in a 911 GT3, which is a lovely car but not one of my Forza favourites. Which feels weird, actually - obviously there's a lot of ceremony about Porsche returning to the series, but I think I just prefer driving my virtual Ferraris.

This is an expensive chunk of content, I think, probably a bit more expensive than most people will feel comfortable with, but there's an awful lot of Porsche cars and events here for real Forza nuts. Am I glad I have it? Certainly.

Dave Scammell, Staff Writer - Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Xbox 360

After hearing the rumours that this year's Need For Speed game could be a return to the long-forgotten Most Wanted universe, I decided to return to Black Box's original to see how the format could be adapted to create a more traditional Criterion experience.

As it turns out, there are a surprising amount of similarities between Criterion's NFS: Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted, including a similarly scenic open world, semi-familiar takedown mechanics and an emphasis on high-speed police chases. Including, yes, those spike strips and brilliant helicopter pursuits.

There are obvious weak-points that Criterion will clearly try to avoid - the game's overly-frustrating bounty system being the most obvious, with its obscene point requirements acting as nothing more than a tedious time-sink and a clear throwback to last-gen game design. But with Criterion's magic touch, a return to Most Wanted could have terrific amounts of potential.

If the rumours are true, of course.

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