Tom Orry, Editor - Paper Galaxy, iOS

Paper galaxy

I'm loving iOS gaming at the moment, spending more time playing on my iPad than any of my consoles. My game of the moment is the lovely Paper Galaxy, which falls into the endless runner/launch game camp while managing to feel quite different.

You are the moon, but you've caught a cold and got lost. You've got to find your way back to Earth by jumping from planetary orbit to planetary orbit, sneezing, using planets for boosts, and outrunning an evil giant crab. Essentially you've got to travel as far as possible, launching off planets, collecting stars, upgrading your abilities, then trying again. The formula isn't new, but the presentation is brilliant and the devs have nailed that 'one more go' hook that is likely to keep me playing for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and for those of you wondering: yes, I am still playing Football Manager 2013 at lunch times, and yes, I am still awesome.

Matt Lees, Video Production Editor - DmC Devil May Cry, Xbox 360

Just started getting my teeth into the new Devil May Cry, and I'm really impressed by everything I've seen. The art style and level designs are incredibly varied, and most of the weapons feel top-notch. Punching stuff to pieces with the Eryx gauntlets has been keeping a smile on my face for most of the week, and I've even grown to fall in love with the soundtrack. Yes, even the bits that sound a bit like dubstep. Someone call me a doctor, quick.

Matt Nellis, Video Producer - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, PC


As you probably noticed from our recent livestreams I've been getting pretty heavily into Torn Banner Studios' first-person slasher. First-person melee combat, especially in a competitive game, is a difficult thing to pull off. Often you find yourself with no real sense of depth which leads to wild swings that gain little purchase. But for some reason it seems to just work in Chivalry.

Each weapon has a very deliberate weight, and even when you miss it can be used to your advantage, catching another foe unaware on your backswing. It's a horribly vicious game, with limbs and heads being severed at an alarming rate. And on top of all this it's a game that doesn't take itself seriously. The tutorial features some incredible (read: hilariously awful) UK regional accents, the battlecries (bound to the 'C' key) make me chuckle every time, and the animation of someone running away without a weapon just has to be seen (almost Benny Hill-esque).

I've now put more time into Chivalry than an entire playthrough of Spec Ops: The Line. And to be honest I'm enjoying the medieval combat a hell of a lot more.