Simon Miller, Editor-In Chief... for one last time -, Life

So... if you can't hack the VGPlays article on your last day, what can you do? A lot, apparently. But I digress.

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it's been and to thank everyone who ever read one of these articles, watched a video, listened to the podcast or sent me a message (even if it was to call me an asshole). Regardless what it was, I enjoyed every second and I'll always look back on my time here fondly.

Always believe...

Dave Scammell, News Editor - WWF No Mercy, N64


Who cares what I played this week?

Miller's leaving.


Tom Orry, Editorial Director - Diablo 3, PS4


Other than playing Diablo 3 at Gamescom or Leipzig a million years ago, this week was the first time I'd played the game for any serious amount of time. It's not quite what I expected.

For fear of angering all the game's hardcore fans, on PS4 (and other consoles) Diablo 3 feels a lot like a God of War game for beginners. Due to the way you can use the right stick to roll and hold down a button to attack, it feels similar to FIFA's one-button mode.

Of course, there's a lot more to Diablo than what I'm currently experiencing. The menus are full of upgrades and equipment to dabble with, and the adventure has only just started.