Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Hitman GO, iOS

At one point, Square Enix Montreal was working on a proper 'next-gen' Hitman. Then it released Hitman GO. That's the equivalent of being asked to paint a chapel, turning up to the location and finding out it's someone shed. Before you say anything... yes... that is a terrible analogy.

Furthermore, Hitman GO is actually pretty damn good. A puzzle game with a strategic twist - find out more in the review - it's a worthwhile time sink that keeps you occupied for far longer than you'd imagine it would. It plays off the franchise decently too, briefcases and classical music reminding you of those times you garroted some fool on a park bench. Ah, the memories.

In many ways, it's actually better than Hitman Absolution. Obviously that's not true, but I hope reading that made you shout 'WHAT!' at your computer/mobile screen.

Know that I love you...

Chris Bratt, Professional Asshole (Video Producer) - Table Top Racing, PS Vita

Table Top Racing might be considered a fine iOS or Android game, but as it jumps over to the Playstation Vita (at some point this year) it's feeling pretty unremarkable. Micro Machines with gameplay elements straight out of Mario Kart sounds brillo, but it's immediately obvious that sacrifices have been made to accommodate its initial platforms.

The controls feel ham-handed and although an accelerator has now been added (strangely missing from the mobile versions), it doesn't feel like it was ever intended to be controlled with analogue sticks. The shadow of an In-App Purchase system lingers over every unlock and that's why I don't play racing games on my bloody iphone. Cheers!

'Remember if it doesn't say Micro Machines, it's not the real thing!"

Dave Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Unit 13, PS Vita

I'm as surprised as you are, but yep, I'm still playing it. It's getting tough now, though, with Specialist missions and High Value Target operations testing my patience as endlessly spawning enemies threaten to ruin what has otherwise been a smartly designed shooter.

Still, for a game built to be played in short bursts it's doing a better job of pulling me back than most. Here's hoping the late-game proves to be just as strong as the rest.

Tom Orry, Editorial Director - Trials Fusion, PS4

Trials Fusion is the first PS4 game I've been excited about buying since getting FIFA 14 at launch. So far, so similar, but that's fine. I'm already enjoying the game more than most next-gen titles I've played, although my grip on the controller has resulted in a mild case of hand soreness.

Combine this with the fact my left analogue stick appears to be falling apart, and my opinion of the DualShock 4 couldn't be much lower. Still, Trials is back and that's a good thing.