Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Kinect Sports Rivals, Xbox One

I think Kinect 2.0 could be used for good at some point in its life-cycle. I just don't know when or how this will happen.

Kinect Sports Rivals is an average experience at best. The mini-games are alright, as is the Kinect functionality. But that's the problem. Within minutes I feel the burning desire to reach for the controller, and ultimately decide it'd probably be a better game if I could actually do so with some success.

The dream scenario was always some hybrid between the two, Kinect functionality seamlessly integrating itself with the controller-based gameplay we all know and love. No developer seems to be interested in that, though. Thankfully it still hasn't been long since the Xbox One was born meaning there's plenty of time for studios to prove this can work.

At the moment, I still can't get behind it.

Dave Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Unit 13, PS Vita

Yeah, it's just more grunts with guns and lacks any kind of personality whatsoever, but so far Unit 13 has turned out to be a unexpectedly decent time-filler.

It's a mobile game with console controls, its snappy 5-minute missions and star-chasing score system clearly inspired by the big hitters in the mobile division. As such, it's easy to see where some of those lower review scores came from - it's difficult to overly recommend a premium game that feels more akin to a pocket money product, no matter how smart or glossy it may be. But as one of those free PlayStation Plus games that I'd downloaded and soon forgotten about, Unit 13 has proven itself to be a pleasant surprise.

And I guess that's the beauty of PlayStation Plus. While we'll always hope for those big name AAA hits to be offered up for free, having it open up your eyes to something you'd never normally consider can often feel just as rewarding.

Brett Phipps, Staff Writer - Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, 3DS

Layton top1

I've played about five hours of this, and have just one question: where the f**k are my puzzles!?

I've done probably less than 20 puzzles and one case as Phoenix and none of these have been particularly challenging with most possible to answer with simple guesswork. I've been excited about this since it was announced and couldn't be more disappointed.

Because I am such a fan of both series, I'm willing to give it time to change my mind, but if I have to spend another 30 minutes in cut-scenes to get just a single puzzle, I'm out...

Tom Orry, Editorial Director - FIFA 14, PS4

Tom's Weekly Amazing FIFA Adventure #84...

I turned on FIFA 14 on Wednesday night, but fell asleep soon after kicking off, woke up 2-0 down, and turned it off.