Tom Orry, Editorial Director - Luigi's Mansion 2, 3DS

I've found Luigi's Mansion 2 to be a bit of a grower. After initially being really excited to finally be playing a sequel to the brilliant GameCube launch title, the opening hour or so felt a bit flat. Now I've got a few upgrades to the basic starting kit and I'm having a lot of fun exploring and finding various hidden items. The ghost hunting is going up a notch, too, with new types requiring more than just a blast of light and a quick fight with my hoover. Having not really done much with my 3DS for a while, though, I am suffering slighting from "Shoulder Button Cramp" due to the awkward position my hands have to be in to hold the handheld properly. Still, it's worth the pain for games this good.

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Battlefield 3, Xbox 360

I've already told you of the time I met my hero on Battlefield 3 during this week's podcast, but there was one small fact I kept hidden while describing my incredible online experience: I'm a secret rocket bastard.

I've started playing Battlefield 3 in the way I would play Quake 3: Arena, hopping around Close Quarters' tight-knit maps like a maniac with nothing but a rocket launcher and a knife, and howling with laughter when one well-placed RPG explodes up the place.

Ziba Tower's a great map for it, with its tight corridors and wider office arena. But other players hate it, and I've become the type of player who I (and I'd wager you) would ordinarily despise of, the sort of arsehole that can clear an entire server of reasonable people within a few minutes flat. Though it might be relatively short-lived (as soon as those server kick notices start rolling in I'll start to reconsider), being that guy is amazing fun.

Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Guacamelee!, PS3/PSVita

Anyone who has visited VideoGamer this week will have seen I've had somewhat of an obsession with Guacamelee!. From reviewing it to featuring it in an extended play video to rabbiting about it on the podcast, the unexpected gem from Dropbox Studios has made me feel rather good about life.

It's rare to find a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, so one as absolutely nuts as this does feel like a breath of fresh air. It also made me yearn, although only slightly, for the likes of Earthworm Jim. These were games so out of whack you couldn't help but fall in love with them, if only for a little bit.

As an aside, I also had the unfortunate experience of playing the Double Dragon II remake this week. In short, don't do it...