Tom Orry, Editor - Brutal Legend, Xbox 360 and PS3

It's big game after big game at the moment, with Uncharted 2, followed by Forza 3, followed by Brutal Legend! I can't say too much until next week, when you'll get the full review, but I will say that the opening is brilliant and really, really funny. Eddie, the best roadie the world has ever seen, is essentially trying to make the band he's touring with look cool, and the scene ends with heads being popped off, obscene language and a cool giant monster thing. It's more or less a fancy menu screen for you to choose if you want gore and swearing, but it's done brilliantly.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Xbox 360

That's right, I'm still playing UA2. What of it? I've managed to find every single collectible - all the audio logs, all the boost, all the PIP Points and all the dossiers - that are scattered throughout the story mode levels. To be honest it wasn't that hard. The internet, it seems, is good for something. Now I'm working through the one-off Challenges. I'm actually nearly finished. All that remains is a single gold medal in the very last Challenge. It's proving tough - I need to rescue prisoners from cells that are being patrolled by robots. Get spotted and it's game over. It doesn't make any sense, of course. Thor and co would simply destroy all of the robots with a flick of their oversized wrists. But then it wouldn't be a Challenge, would it?

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - EyePet, PS3

I love my job. Yesterday, after a morning of shouting into a microphone and bashing a saucepan with a big wooden spoon, I spent several hours of the afternoon on my hands and knees, screaming at the TV. No, I hadn't finally caved in and gone mad - I was helping my EyePet to crack glasses with his voice. My new friend is called Speshulbrew, and he's a weird monkey/cat hybrid creature with red and ginger striped fur. He's currently wearing a leather jacket and flying goggles, and despite my best efforts to remain a cold-hearted, neutral reviewer, I'm really rather fond of him. Naturally, I've spent a lot of time making him draw rude pictures, but the truth is that it's surprisingly good fun to play with the EyePet properly. Check back here on Monday for my full thoughts on Speshulbrew and his kin.

James Orry, News Editor - FIFA 10, Xbox 360

I've been football crazy this week. Not only have I been putting many hours into Football Manager Live (the new update has made everything look much prettier - nice one SI), but also getting in some admittedly unnecessary practice on FIFA 10 - Wez may have reviewed the game, but deep down he knows he'll have to settle for second place in the upcoming FIFA 10 league. To mix things up I've also been grabbing the odd game on PES 2010 (look out for a review from Wez next week), and great fun it's been too, offering a vastly different experience to FIFA. You have to feel sorry for Man City's Stephen Ireland, though; another year on and PES still gives him a full head of hair.

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Scribblenauts, DS

I'm not 100% sure we were invited, but nonetheless we shoulder barged our way into the Scribblenauts launch party at 'Fluid' in London. It was cramped, dark and full of video games journalists, some of which had already donned the incredibly sexy rooster hat that came in the swag bag. Also to be found in there, among some other cool stuff, was a copy of the game itself - myself and Chris have been messing around with it ever since. A few of the set ups we tried included spawning a bully and an orphan, Yeti versus Big Foot, a wormhole to send you into space, or just a rail-gun to give to a baby. We also found that evil creatures could also be turned good by a well aimed arrow from Cupid, allowing me to ride around on my cuddly Chimera.

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