Tom Orry, Editor - Overlord II, Xbox 360. PS3 and PC

I was quite a fan of the original Overlord on the Xbox 360, so I was looking forward to seeing what developer Triumph had done with the sequel. The answer is that it's essentially given fans more of the same, but added enough to make it feel like a proper follow-up and not just an add-on pack. What I like more than any gameplay additions, though, is the way the minions seem to speak a lot more. On the very first level they start singing a Ring-a-Ring-o'-Roses, in their own child-like but evil voices. It really warmed the bottom of my cold heart to see those little guys having a good time. Oh, and I hit some people in Street Fighter too.

Wesley Yin-Poole, deputy editor - Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360, PS3

I can't believe we won. No offence, but we haven't got the greatest Street Fighter IV players in the world here at I was expecting you lot, aka The Forum, to comprehensively beat us during the recent, wonderful, spectacular Street Fighter IV Staff VS Forum tournament. But you didn't. Instead, we won, and fairly comprehensively, too. Perhaps I should have had more faith. Perhaps it was because Bloodstorm couldn't make it. Whatever the reason, the pressure's on you guys now. Whatever game finds itself being played in the next Staff versus The Forum tournament, you need to win, or face ULTIMATE SHAME.

James Orry, News Editor - Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360, PS3

This week the staff took on the community in a no-love-lost battle to the death in Capcom's Street Fighter IV. As Wednesday evening rolled around the team gathered in front of the TV waiting for the challengers to log onto Xbox LIVE and PSN, but while plenty of forum members showed their faces, the challenge didn't. The forumites took an early lead, largely because we wheeled out the weaker players first, but soon enough the tide turned and the VG crew wound up comfortable victors. Oh, and it was my silky skills that took team VG over the winning line. Look out for the video evidence next week.

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360, PS3

Some Street Fighter IV players measure their level of success by their battle point score, or by their ability to pull-off insane combos. Me, I take pride in the comments I get after a match. To date, my favourite prize was a PM from some Xbox LIVE random, informing me that I am "a spammy twat," - a fair complaint, to be honest. After Wednesday night's showdown with the forum, I have a few more badges of honour: "Blanka is totally gay" (thank you Woffls!) and "it was like trying to swat a fly with a postage stamp glued to the end of a matchstick" (thank you Cheeky Lee!). I thoroughly enjoyed all my matches, even my humiliating losses at the hands of Wido, and I think it's fair to say that the Staff victory owed quite a bit of debt to Lady Luck. Cheers to everyone who joined in - I hope you had as much fun as we did.

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer - Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360, PS3

Right now I'm in the process of editing up a video compilation of the Staff vs. Forum Street Fighter 4 competition, and I can honestly say I was bloody terrible. I've been watching through each recording naming the staff members behind the "Tom ProG" gamertag that appears in each match - and it's instantly obvious when predicable old Seb takes up the controls. Firstly, it's always Ryu... I can't use any other characters yet, but I'm working on that. Secondly, the match is filled with poorly timed EX attacks and Shoryukens, which indicates me attempting (and failing) to perform Ryu's ultra. Finally, it's a hands down victory to the challenger. On several occasions I was beaten into the corner, from which I was literally unable to escape from. I had one go as Sagat just to see if the similar control set up would yield better results. No joy, I was smashed through three very short rounds in about two minutes. The videos will be going live early next week, so stick around and see how everyone did. Spoiler: the Staff won overall...

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