Tom Orry, Editor - Football Manager 2016, PC

Big news! The board has decided that I can now use 55 per cent of money from outgoing transfers to sign new players. That sounds good, but when your best players (valued around £7 million) want to leave, it's hard to find good replacements for half the price. I'm trying to build a young squad that will improve over time, but even 17-year-olds are going for £3 million or more if they have good prospects. I desperately need to get into the Premier League to get a cash injection, or else I feel I'll end up languishing between 7th and 12th in the Championship forever.

Steve Burns, Deputy Editor - The Division, PS4

Like everyone else I've been playing The Division, and guess what: it's alright. Sure, it doesn't look as good as that trailer, nor does it hide the fact that it is A Not So Secret Numbers Game. But New York is well-rendered, with an impressive amount of geometry on screen, and PvP seems interesting, although how long it will hold my attention remains to be seen.

I've also played a super secret embargoed game which I'm absolutely definitely not allowed to talk about, ever, or until the embargo is up. Anyway, it's really, really, really fucking good. Really. So much so that I threatened to break into the publisher's office and kick them to death if I didn't get a build soon. Yup. That good.

Simon Miller, Head Of Video Production - The Witness, PS4

Everyone is talking about The Witness, even though everyone else is saying that no one should talk about The Witness. Why on earth it's considered a crime to read up about Jonathan Blow's new game before playing it I'll never understand - it's literally a bunch of newspaper puzzles. How can that be spoiled?

Unfortunately today's society is crazy, but that doesn't stop the follow-up to Braid being very, very good. Despite asking nothing more than to draw squiggly lines all over the place, The Witness manages to stand out as a unique, interesting and intelligent experience that deserves to be played. That's not to say you're definitely going to like it. But the sheer thought put into it ensures it both flies in the face of convention while also being the quintessential video game.

The Witness wouldn't work in any other medium, but the interactivity of games allows it to be a huge success. This is why such anger towards the price is stupid - because it doesn't include deathmatch, or something, we should knock £10 off the RRP? Nonsense. We all keep asking for ingenuity when it comes to the industry, and Mr Blow has delivered just that. If he feels it's worth £30 then good for him.

Either way, this is the first time since Shadow Of The Colossus I've felt so intrigued by a game. And that makes it all the more worthwhile.

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