Tom Orry, Editor - Batman Arkham Knight, PS4

I'm really looking forward properly playing Batman Arkham Knight, but currently the game is still downloading, two days after starting the process. Even with a good Fibre connection at home, it's a sad state of affairs when you've got to plan days in advance if you want to play something. Hopefully I'll have played it by this time next week, but who knows... if there's another update it could add days onto the ordeal.

Steve Burns, Deputy Editor - Her Story

I haven't been playing Arkham Knight, mainly due to the prospect of the Batmobile sections giving me The Fear. Instead I played Her Story, which manages to be both an FMV game and not shit. I was shocked as well.

Seriously, however, Her Story is great. If you don't know anything about it, great. Keep it that way. Just get on to Steam and buy if for less than the price of a warm pint of pissbeer at the local Wetherspoons. Lovely. The game. Not the beer.

Dave Scammell, News Editor - Until Dawn, PS4

It's been years in the making (remember when this was a PlayStation Move game?) but Until Dawn is now just two months away from seeing the light of day. I'm more excited for it than ever, too. The 10-15 minute demo on show at E3 last week ticked all the right boxes: it's grizzly, tense and at times truly unsettling. And whether they really do or not, every decision and dialogue choice feels like it makes a difference to each character's fate.

My main concern is just how silly it may be. I'm not expecting a slasher horror to be completely grounded in reality, but without any sort of context, being forced off the side of a cliff by a horde of devil deer at the start of the demo raised some eyebrows.

Performance, too, is still quite poor - not that it matters too much in a game like this, but it's a blight on an otherwise good-looking game. Here's hoping Supermassive can squeeze some extra optimisation out of the last few weeks of development.

With that said, this feels like a game that should probably be on more people's radar, because from what I've seen of it so far Until Dawn is shaping up to be a spine-chilling summer treat.

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