Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Nothing, Xbox One

After sitting at my desk for almost 30 minutes and blindly staring at my screen, I realised I'd played nothing this week. Bratt made me try out some One Piece... thing... that I'm still perplexed about, but other than that it was a week that didn't involve much game playing.

Such a discovery made me realise, though: what exactly would I play if I had the time? It's a crime that I'm still yet to get into South Park: The Stick Of Truth, and Watch_Dogs has me intrigued, but disgustingly I seem more drawn to mobile titles at the moment, simply because they're quick and easy to get involved with.

With all that said, I did play some Altered Beast. And realised that the original Sonic is horribly hard to control on an Xbox 360 pad.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - Valiant Hearts: The Great War, PS4

This week I played Valiant Hearts, a game about the Great War which seems to have been directed, in part, by Michael Bay and whoever made Metal Slug. I'm not joking: at one point you have a fist fight in the middle of the Somme's no-man's land. On top of a tank. In a vest.

The rest of the game is rather good though, so check it out.

When I wasn't hunting comedy German villains, it was UFC fighters, and I'm sad to say the EA UFC is a step back from the excellence of last generation's entries, feeling lighter on content and less satisfying to play. I'm still enjoying my time with it: how much longer I'll spend with it, however, is up for debate.

Brett Phipps, Staff Writer - Shadowrun Returns, PC

This is the first time I've been able to take advantage of the Steam Sale, and one of my purchases was Shadowrun Returns.

As a big fan of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the gameplay format is a nice fit, though it's a shame the game is pretty easy. What is great about Shadowrun is its story. A gritty, underground world reminiscent of Repo: the Genetic Opera, it presents a great world and plenty of texts to delve deeper into the narrative.

The narrative is enough to keep me invested and want to see the story through to the end, making the easy gameplay less of an issue and something that actually becomes a positive. Bratterz will be proud.

Tom Bickmore, Friend of - Sniper Elite 3, Xbox One

This week I reviewed Sniper Elite 3, which brings the series into the next generation, but largely remains the same as V2. The highlight is still the X-ray kills, but that quickly wears thin. I found myself having the most fun when having a total disregard for stealth. Taking on the Nazi menace in the deserts of Africa guns ablazing is when the game is at it's best.

My only regret is not capturing the clip of me shooting a dude through the chest, the bullet then bouncing off the wall behind him, and hitting someone on the other side of the room in the arse.


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