Tom Orry, Editor - Cordy, iOS and Android

Playing Cordy on my new Samsung Galaxy S II brought about a mixture of emotions. On one hand it was a startling revelation of what's possible to do with Android devices if a developer puts in some effort, but on the other it makes most the titles on the Android Marketplace look like relics. Thankfully the game has now been released on the App Store, meaning millions of iPhone, iPod and iPad owners can now see just how great Cordy's platforming adventure is. I'm also pleased the game looks significantly nicer on my phone than on an iPhone 4 - that'll teach them for having a superior store, more games, better games and superior street cred.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - From Dust, Xbox 360, PC

I've waited a year to play From Dust, and so when Jamin scored the game a 7 I was mildly worried. Now, having actually played it, I can understand his criticisms. It's a beautiful game, an original and largely successful one too, but there are moments when it can feel surprisingly stressful. Designer Eric Chahi was apparently inspired by his childhood experience building sandcastles at the beach, and there's certainly a similar vibe as you mould the world with your fingers, or at least your swirly snake thing. It can get frustrating when you try to protect your little villages, only to sea a large wave crash over the top of your futile barriers. Then again, that's what you get for picking a fight with Mother Nature.

For all your godly powers, there are occasions where it feels like you are impotent in the face of the elements, or that you succeed by chance rather than as a result of your own confident actions. Despite this, it's a mesmerising little thing, a genuine time-sink. And it's certainly one of the freshest games I've played all year.

Martin Gaston, Previews Editor - Demon's Souls, PS3

Yes, I am still playing Demon's Souls. This week I've finally plucked up enough courage to go into New Game+ and Renault Megane me it's Ford Focus difficult. Note: in the last sentence swear words were replaced by the names of popular hatchbacks.

Enemies do far more damage than before, and I've also reached the point where there are lots of Black Phantoms desperate to break into my game and stab me in the arse - particularly annoying when I'm trying to set the game's World Tendency, which is affected by your character dying.

And I'm trying to get the best ore, which requires me to hunt Crystal Lizards - little sods that run like the wind. You get four chances to kill them per game, and they don't necessarily drop the ore you're after despite being the only way in the game to get it. What happens if you miss out? You've got to start a whole new game. Little sods.

Basically, at the moment I go from absolutely loving the game to thinking it's a complete Toyota Aygo. Still can't stop playing it, though.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Quiz Climber, iPhone

I'm part of a quiz team. We're called the Golden Ducks, and every Monday we engage in a fierce mental battle with nine other teams of middle-aged pub-goers. Our best result so far is third - we were like seven points behind first place, or something. Anyway, Quiz Climber on the iPhone will help us reach the top spot, I've decided. Chillingo's latest iOS offering is essentially a multiple choice question game. With each correct answer, your squirrelly character moves one branch up the tree. What's clever is that it connects to Facebook, so you can see your friends sitting on branches as you climb. Being the genius that I am, I currently sit on the highest branch out of all my friends who play the game! (I have one friend who plays the game).

Frustratingly, 'the winds of change' blow your squirrel off the tree at the end of each week, and the scores get reset. I correctly answered a stonking 42 questions in a row the other day, and now that score has gone. Still, it does give a great incentive to try and beat your friend(s) again each week.