Tom Orry, Editor - Forza Horizon 2, Xbox One

At the speed of two races per week it might take me years to finish Forza Horizon 2, but it doesn't really matter as it's great fun. My problem is that I tend to spend the first 10 minutes just driving around, ignoring the structured events in favour of exploring. It helps that the game looks wonderful, the warm yellow lighting making the world a lovely place to spend some time. In the battle between last year's console exclusive racers, for me FH2 pips DriveClub, although there's no doubt Evolution turned its game around in a big way. I just prefer the feeling of Horizon 2. It's a comfortable game to jump back into whenever I like.

Steve Burns, Deputy Editor - Toren, PC

Oh, hi there. This week I've been playing Toren, which is like if someone decided to essentially remake one scene of Ico, but nowhere near as well. It's still an interesting game, if a majorly flawed one, and is probably worth checking out for the six or so quid it costs.

Apart from that, I've been playing an upcoming embargoed Nintendo title, which I can't talk about. But, shock, I actually quite like it. I know. I know. Don't hate me.

Simon Miller, Head Of Video Production - Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, PS4

If you haven't already played Guacamelee!, go and play it right now. Not only is it one of this month's free PS+ games, but it's so damned good it does funny things to my brain.

Easily one of the best wrestling titles in years (and for the record it's not a wrestling game. You can just do wrestling moves), there's not one aspect of Guacamelee! that doesn't' try to be as entertaining as possible. The characters, the story, the way it plays... QA testing at Drinkbox Studios must be completely focused on keeping smiles on people's faces.

It has a tremendous amount of depth to it, too, and not just through the usual fest of collectables and what have you that exist. The combat is as satisfying in the first minute as it is in the last, instantly giving you a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you want to keep on playing. This keeps ramping up as well and by the time the credits roll, you feel like some sort of Mexican superhero capable of unrealistic, heroic feats.

I reviewed Guacamelee! in its original form for VideoGamer over two years ago, whacking a big, fat 8 on the end of the review. Screw that. This is 9 territory. Power...

Dave Scammell, News Editor - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, PS4

Alright, so I haven't actually been playing it but after watching Brett make his way through it I'm much more interested in giving The Witcher 3 a go than I was before. And not just because of that unicorn scene.

There are times when the PS4 version can look truly phenomenal. Watching Geralt stroll through the forest or walking along the shipwrecked bay provides some of the best visuals so far this gen, with the grim and dirty world appealing far more than certain other fantasy RPGs.

But then there are moments where something can seem slightly off, the odd bit of flat lighting detracting from the overall shine. And then there's the frame rate to consider. After so many delays it's disappointing to see the build provided for review lacking the level of polish we may have been expecting. Here's hoping CD Projekt really can fix it - as they suggest they can - in time for next week's launch.

Brett Phipps, Guides Editor - The Witcher 3, PS4

At this point I feel like I could play the Witcher 3 every day for the rest of the year and still not have seen everything when the ball drops for 2016. This game is huge, and I'm loving my time with it.

As you may have seen, I wrote a review in progress for it this week to go alongside my review in progress of Project Cars, meaning I'll be pretty busy in the lead up to E3. Not to mention the launch of Destiny's House of Wolves DLC next week, which I'll no doubt be playing until my fingers bleed.

Amongst all this, I need to find some free time to actually, you know, go outside, because apparently summer is about to happen.

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