Tom Orry, Editor - Kane & Lynch 2: Dogs Days, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

I'm not exactly a big fan of the original Kane & Lynch. I gave up about half way through as I just couldn't take the clumsy controls and cheap AI any more. I've been playing the sequel all week and it's unquestionably a better game all-round. You'll find out how good it is in my review next week, but if you've played the demo you'll already know if it's something you're interested in. For now I'll just say that it has the best blood-soaked male buttocks I've ever seen in a video game.

Tom Pearson, Video Producer - Monday Night Combat, XBLA

I've been playing the Team Fortress look-alike Monday Night Combat. On first play the game comes across as cartoony and overly energetic; all that is required I guess. Similarly to Team Fortress, Monday Night Combat is overseen by a mysterious all knowing, all seeing man with a smooth voice and pleasant commentary. The game was primarily made for online modes which see you, in a team of four, facing off against a mirrored team in a race to destroy each other's base. So far I've been enjoying the assassin class which gives many devious abilities. My personal favourite has to be sneaking behind an unsuspecting foe and plunging a dagger deep into their neck. The fear in their faces.

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer - 432-PIECE STARCRAFT II PUZZLE

Starcraft ii puzzle

Everybody and their dog knows that when you're given a 432-piece StarCraft II puzzle, the only possible outcome is for you to see it through to its epic conclusion. Fact. Adam, Will and myself were glued to this thing for weeks, despite the fact none of us have ever done a puzzle in our entire lives. Until now. The most upsetting moment was when we couldn't find the last piece - it was like being trapped in a cliché - and had to open up a second puzzle. Also, I really hope they release some video games soon.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Marvel vs Capcom 3, Xbox 360 and PS3

If there's one man I'd never want to exchange blows with in a fighting game, Ryota Niitsuma - the producer of Street Fighter IV and now Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - would be him. This, however, is exactly what I did earlier this week as I got to try out the game first hand. Suffice to say, I got my arse handed to me on a plate, and left the event with the painful sting of inadequacy. While I used to be a dab hand at Street Fighter Alpha 3 back in the PSone days - my skills have diminished considerably over the years. Even though Niitsuma-san was going easy on me (really easy, I'd imagine), and even though I lost all three matches, I still had a fantastic time. This is one fighter I'll be picking up on day one come its release.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Simon the Sorcerer, PC

Simon sorcerer

Simon the Sorcerer is the almost quite-brilliant point-and-click adventure made by a tiny team of Brits back in the early Nineties. It's hideous in a way only the early nineties could muster but the game is fantastically funny. Unfortunately these days most people are too distracted staring at their copies of Monkey Island and putting another log on their burning effigy of Tim Schafer to bother playing Simon. But for a game made with such limited resources it manages to be one of the most well-written point-and-clicks of the last two decades.