E3 isn't what it used to be, but it's still the biggest video games show in the world. The 'big three' will all be there, showing off their upcoming titles, as well as publishers from across the world wowing game hacks like us with their genre defining masterpieces. Yours truly will be there of course, running around like a headless chicken to bring you hands-on impressions from across the show floor. But to get you in the mood we thought we'd bring you our Top 10: Hottest games of E3, just to get the juices flowing. Sit back, relax, and get very, very excited...

10. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, in-house, Midway - Xbox 360 and PS3.


The jury is still out of course on Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, what is surely one of the most improbable comings together in video game history. Some see it as the perfect opportunity to revitalise what is in critics' eyes a quality shy fighting series, despite its continuing healthy sales. Others don't see it in such a positive light. Whatever your opinion, we're sure to get a MKVSDC detail explosion from E3 when we get our first hands on with the game. Will the lack of blood-soaked fatalities prove to be a game breaker? Will the switch up in fighting modes be any fun? Can Batman defeat Sub Zero? Can Scorpion kill Superman? Can anyone kill Superman? The truth will out.

9. Warhammer 40:000: Dawn of War II, Relic Entertainment, THQ - PC.


Since we're head over heels in love with the first Dawn of War game, our excitement for the follow up is guaranteed. If Relic farted in our faces, we would shake their hands and thank them for it. Thankfully, rather than fart in our faces, Relic is hard at work on one of our most anticipated games of E3. Going by the released trailers and screens, Relic is serving up what could quite possibly end up being the best looking RTS game ever made. Destructible environments, a Space Marines/Orkz co-op campaign and a cover system suggest stupendous RTS action. Hopefully at E3 we'll get the chance to flex our micro management muscles with the game and, if we're super lucky, Relic will be able to confirm the inclusion of fan favourite alien race the evil Tyranids. Fingers crossed.

8. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Evolution Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment - PS3.


We got some serious hands on with Evolution's follow up to its impressive PS3 launch title back at PlayStation Day, but rather than satisfy our off road habit our time with the game has left us gagging for more. What's got us most excited about this sequel is the promise of so many new features, including interactive vegetation, monster trucks and four-player split screen. If ever there was a driving game capable of getting our blood pumping, it's this. At E3 next month we'll get our clearest indication yet on what we hope will be another stellar PS3 exclusive.

7. Resistance 2, Insomniac Games, Sony Computer Entertainment - PS3.


This one's all about the multiplayer for us. Brain melting 60-player frag-filled competitive multiplayer and eight player co-op campaign play. We've reckon the PS3 lacks a truly staggering exclusive online FPS experience, so our hopes for Insomniac's science fiction shooter are high. We've already had a taste of the competitive multiplayer so what we're looking forward to from E3 is the chance to sample the class based co-op campaign. And we're going to drain the life out of the code on offer to find out how it's shaping up. Our trigger fingers are primed.

6. Call of Duty: World at War, Treyarch, Activision - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


We've seen World at War, the next game in the phenomenally successful Call of Duty series, played live, right in front of our faces. But we've given our word not to spill the beans until early next week. We know that there's some cynicism surrounding the game's return to a World War 2 setting, as well as Treyarch taking the reigns from CoD4 developer Infinity Ward, but from what we've seen things look extremely promising. At E3 we hope to go hands on for the first time and get a good idea of how it's shaping up. Given how unbelievably popular, and brilliant, CoD4 has proven to be, the pressure's on Treyarch to deliver. Very soon we'll find out how they're handling the pressure.

5. Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox Software, SEGA - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


Given the pedigree of developer Gearbox Software, which is behind the excellent Brothers In Arms series, and our general love for all things Aliens, we're hyped about Colonial Marines in a way we didn't even know hype could cause. Not much is currently known about the game, which is why we're so pumped about seeing it at E3. We do know that you'll get to play a marine charged with fending off an alien assault and will be able to enjoy a completely new Aliens universe story. Given how rubbish the AVP films have turned out to be, could the 'next gen' Alien game restore some pride to the iconic beasties, or will it be 'game over man!' all over again? Time to find out.

4. Gears of War 2, Epic Games, Microsoft Game Studios - Xbox 360.


We loved the first Gears of War. Sure, now, nearly two years after its release, it's easy to criticise it for its somewhat repetitive gameplay and befuddling story. But back then it was by a country mile the best looking, most intense game we'd ever seen. And that's why our excitement for the follow up has reached preposterous levels. Information has been steadily filtering out about Epic's, er... epic, including single-player campaign details, confirmation on chainsaw duels and the promise of some much needed environment variety, but what we all want to know, what we all hope and pray will be confirmed at E3, is four-player co-op. Ready your chainsaws soldiers, news is coming.

3. Fable 2, Lionhead Studios, Microsoft Game Studios - Xbox 360.


The first Fable was excellent, so naturally we have high hopes for the promising sequel. Set 500 years after the original, Fable 2 promises 20 massive regions, the choice of both male and female playable characters, a dog and enough role-playing goodness to satisfy even the most hardened adventurers. At E3 we're hoping to get our hands on with the game for the first time, which will give us our best perspective on Peter Molyneux's vision yet. We're done demonstrations, trailers and screen shots. The time has come to find out for ourselves whether Fable 2 really has been worth the wait.

2. Resident Evil 5, In-house, Capcom - Xbox 360 and PS3.


Resident Evil 4 was one of the greatest games ever made. Back in 2005 it completely revitalised what for many was a survival horror series that had gone stale. We don't expect Resident Evil 5 to have a similar impact, but we do expect it to be even better than Resi 4, and better than all the survival horror games we've ever played put together. We're hoping, indeed praying, that publisher Capcom is going to bless us with playable code at E3, and, as a result, we'll finally get some of our burning questions answered. Will there be co-op? Will Chris Redfield's female counterpart be playable? Will there be a cover system? Will it be ball-bustlingly brilliant?!!! Gaaaah!

1. Mirror's Edge, DICE, EA - PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


The screen shots are real, the trailer is in game and, most importantly, Mirror's Edge, DICE's stupendous-looking first person Parkour game, is genuinely innovative. Jump, swing, slide, wall walk and leap over rooftops with the grace of a ballet dancer and the speed of a hundred metre sprinter. We're not allowed to tell you what we thought when we saw the game being played live in the bowels of a London gallery the other week (under pain of death). But what we will say is that Los Angeles brings with it the opportunity to finally get our grubby hands on VideoGamer.com's most anticipated game of E3. We're so excited we've started shaking. And if you love games, you should be too.

What are you most excited about seeing at E3? Let us know in the comments section below.