Dead Space 2: "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2"

What the hell does this even mean?! Obviously in an attempt to win over children who hate their parents, EA sought to, you'd imagine, play up how un-PC its survival horror sequel was. Because all mums are super politically correct, as we know.

The main problem, though, is that Dead Space 2 was an 18. And any 18-year old that buys a game to try and piss off their parents has a lot of issues. And probably shouldn't be playing Dead Space 2. And should probably start thinking about moving out...

Sega: "Genesis Does What Nintendon't"

Tagline segadoes

Aside from being pretty laughable today - where would you be without Nintendo now, Sega? - this is an insult to grammar, if nothing else.

Back in the days where Mario and Sonic went head-to-head on a daily basis, Sega had the bright idea to toy with its rivals name to promote the new Genesis. The idea was that a handful of games could only be played on its machine, therefore it, as stated, did things that the SNES didn't.

Unfortunately these titles were the likes of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker...

Amiga: "After Sega's New Baby, Amiga Brings You The Mother"

Tagline amigad

Who the f**k signed off on this? Aside from barely making any sense, what exactly is the point they're trying to get across? If you want to say you have 'the mother of all consoles' why not just stick to that?

Alas, someone at Amiga thought they'd struck gold, probably complete with high-fives and pats on the back as the proposed 3-hour 'tagline' meeting lasted all of 5 minutes... like this.

Crysis 2: "Be The Weapon"

A tagline so horrendously bad it still generates laughter throughout the offices, being a 'weapon' is a slang word that means the same as 'tool' or 'dick'... That's not the message EA intended to get across, we imagine. Even worse, before those three ridiculous words flashed up on screen, they were preceded by: "Be Strong, Be Fast, Be Invisible..."

It's as if someone at EA had been told they wouldn't make it through to the end of the year and their last task was to market Crysis 2.

Be the weapon...

Silent Hill: Downpour"Let's Get Wet"

Tagline silenthill

Aside from, we assume, giving people drastically the wrong impression as to what this was all about, this promotional tagline for Silent Hill: Downpour was utterly terrible.

Once more, it's the thought process to get to this point that confuses us the most. Did two individuals in suits just keep throwing the idea of rain at each other until they realised it was wet? And how is the concept of 'getting wet' scary? In any sense? At all?


Thanks to NeoGaf for the image

The Dreamcast: "Up To 6 Billion Players"

The Dreamcast is the console that many believe as the last nail in Sega's hardware-making coffin...

Bust-A-Move 2:"So Addictive... It Should Be Illegal"

Tagline bam2

Crack is illegal because it's addictive and can kill you. Heroin is illegal because it's addictive and can kill you. Cocaine is... you get the picture.

To date, Bust-A-Move 2 has killed nobody. It should not be illegal.

Sega Saturn: "There Is A Beautiful, Naked Woman On This Page"


A picture says a thousands words. And the less we say about this, the better... But this must surely stand as one of the most ludicrous decisions in video game history.

Worms World Party

Tagline worms