Diddy Kong Racing was, at one point, R.C Pro-Am 64

Virgin diddy

Let it be known that the R.C Pro-Am titles are awesome. There's no argument to be had. No debate to be made. They are arcade racing done right. For many years, certain members of Team VideoGamer have hoped a third in the series would come to light. As it turns out, it already has...

Having a working title of Pro AM 64, Rare's now fondly remembered racer changed track after Miyamoto suggested Diddy Kong made an appearance in the game. After some initial resistance, the brains behind Goldeneye decided to accept the change and the rest, as assholes say, is history. More importantly, though, the end result was still excellent, proving that the franchise can do no wrong.

Will we ever get another? Probably not due to Rare's association with Microsoft. And that's a shame.

You can uncover The Joker's ruse in Batman: Arkham City before being told about it

Rocksteady are the kings and queens of easter eggs, both its Arkham games littered with secrets to both stumble across and discover. This thinking goes right through the sequel, too, allowing the player - that's you - to be more informed than Batman should you be intelligent enough to outwit him.

One such moment comes during The Dark Knight's many encounters with The Joker and utilising 'detective mode' in the right fashion. If done correctly, The Caped Crusader's arch-nemesis is shown to have no bones and a BPM of '???'. Why? Because as old Brucey boy eventually discovers, Clayface has been brought in to fill in for the very sick and very dying Joker. And clay doesn't show up on radar...

Condemned only has 970 Achievement Points

Launching alongside the Xbox 360, Condemned was actually pretty damn good. It was not, however, entirely finished.

At one moment in time, Sega had planned DLC for the survival-horror game and with it, an extra 30 Achievement Points, arguably to entice people further into buying it when it dropped. The problem was, this additional content was never released leaving millions of individuals with OCD to be haunted by such a random number.

Dead Space has its twist hidden in the names of its chapters

Isaac Clarke's loves his girlfriend, so much so he's willing to board a terrifying ship to try and find her. You probably just brought your partner some perfume... or something. Unfortunately for our hero it's all a waste of time as his lover is dead. If only he had known before...

As it goes, he could've found out before going to all this trouble if he had simply known what each chapter in Dead Space was called. For you see, they have a very telling message hidden in the first letter of each level:

Chapter 1:New Arrivals

Chapter 2: Intensive Care

Chapter 3: Course Correction

Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent

Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard

Chapter 7: Into the Void

Chapter 8: Search and Rescue

Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival

Chapter 10: End of Days

Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions

Chapter 12: Dead Space


Gears of War's Locusts were going to be called 'The Geist'

Although many are keen to hurl crap at Nintendo's GameCube, a lot of very good games were released for it: Resident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker. Among these gems was under the radar Geist, once touted as a potential superstar with its interesting premise.

As it turned out, it sucked, but it had a lasting impression years later when Epic had to change the name of the enemy in its blockbuster franchise so people didn't get confused between the two.

Gears of War was also originally meant to be part of the Unreal franchise the North Carolina developer had been so dedicated to in the past. As the project progressed, however, it was decided Gears felt too different and needed its own identity and title.


Halo 3: ODST hints at Destiny

Destiny in odst

Bungie has obviously had Destiny planned for some time. The studio has said as much, and continually mentioned how much time and effort has gone into creating the new franchise. Its plans have been so well formed, things were being hinted at as far back as Halo 3: ODST.

Explore the environment enough and you come across the above imagine, clearing showing Earth, a white moon (The Traveller) and the not so subtle words: 'Destiny Awaits'.

Mirror's Edge has a giant rat in it

'What!?', you scream out loud as you wonder if we've made a typo. We haven't. Just watch the video...

Mario is a brutal murderer

Mario toppy

Using the original Japanese manual as our source of evidence, the story of Mario goes thusly: the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom - the Toads - have been, horrendously, turned into blocks and scattered around the land.

With this information, it means everytime Mario smashes a block with his head, he is killing a Toad. Think about that next time you want one of those juicy mushrooms...

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