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Resident Evil 7: The Baker House as reviewed by Trip Advisor

Resident Evil 7: The Baker House as reviewed by Trip Advisor
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“The Baker House, Dulvey”

We had a good stay at the Baker’s house and would go again, but maybe not our first choice. These old houses are hard to maintain and there is a lot of damp creeping in, though apparently they’ve had storms in the area recently. We didn’t get a sense of that “Southern Hospitality” we’d heard so much about from when Tim’s mum went on holiday in Florida (she had a lovely time). The family were quite polite but seem distracted, Tim said they were hearing things but I don’t know about that! Did not like the son, he stares a lot and is quite rude. They should think about keeping him away from guests. Overall the place was alright but a bit pricey for the experience we got, and there was only a continental breakfast. Plus if you ask for tea they bring you something cold! Yuk!

Meredith, Winchester, 11/12/14


“Good Potential – But Not There Yet”

We weren’t able to book online, which was disappointing in this day and age. The beds were comfy — clean sheets and quite big. Would have got a good night’s sleep if not for the intermittent moaning from somewhere in the building. Somebody not enjoying their dinner, methinks. Real disappointment was the bathroom and kitchen areas. Very unclean, didn’t feel like eating so left early. Proprieters are very friendly, however.

Keith, Surrey, 04/24/15



Very disappointed. There was a lot of damp. No soap in the bathroom! No milk to have a brew in morning! my husband said he saw black mold. Wasn’t asked if we want breakfast. A whole staircase fell down, what if it had hurt a kiddy? Dread to think.

Susan, Kidderminster, 06/19/15


“Ethical living off the grid, but no vegetarian option??”

My husband and I are looking into expanding our homemade hemp clothing business (look us up on Etsy!) to a range of patchouli-based perfumes, and we think Louisiana has the right climate to cultivate our own plants, so we came down for a long weekend to check out the area around Dulvey (phew! mosquitos!). We’d seen some bad reviews about the Baker House but figured, what the hey! We’re adventurous! And gave it a shot. We were pretty impressed!

The Bakers are obviously living “off the grid” and are doing so pretty sustainably. They use hardly any electricity, so after sundown the light is from candles which creates a very romantic feel! It also helps disguise the more run down areas of the house, but hey – when you’re getting back to nature, what do you expect? We also loved the huge greenhouse where they grow their own “green herbs” 😉 It was disappointing that even with all this there was no vegetarian option at meal times! Appreciate that they do their own slaughter and also eat a lot of offal (waste not want not!) but we don’t all like chitterlings! 😮

Stayed August 2016, traveled as a couple.

Emma and Craig, Ohio, 09/17/16


“did NOT feel welclom”

I walked in to the baker house, dulvey and said hello to whom i later found out was the lady of the house margarine,she gave me a unfriendly stare and shouted in my face and used her lantern to make spiders attack me,she was not at all friendly when serving dinner.I have never been to Dulvey before and after this do not think i will be coming back again ! lets hope the other town people are nicer.

Terry, Weston-super-Mare, 10/05/16



No wifi.

Erin, Ilford, 3/12/17 



These people kept my wife imprisoned, tried to kill us both in various overwrought ways, and are also cannibals. They’re not even subtle about it. I don’t know why the police never investigated. Did appreciate free parking at the front, though.



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