Enemy Territory: Quake Wars finally made it to consoles last week. After more than a six month gap between their release and the original PC game we expected to be playing decent ports, but sadly one of the games left us severely disappointed. Quake Wars on the PlayStation 3 simply looks far worse than its Xbox 360 counterpart. Read on for plenty of comparison screen shots.

The main thing to note is the missing layer of graphical effects in the PS3 game. Although far from terrible looking, the PS3 game has a look not too dissimilar to a PC game from a few years ago. On the Xbox 360 more care has been made to bring over the PC game's impressive visuals, and as such this version doesn't look out of place on Microsoft's console.

One obvious difference is how much brighter the PS3 game looks compared to the Xbox 360 version. This appears to be because of the lack of high quality lighting which is present in the Xbox 360 game. It's also worth noting that the PS3 version generally runs at a slower frame rate than the Xbox 360 game, with some terrible slowdown when lots of geometry is on screen.

All screens were captured over HDMI at 720p and you can view a high definition screen shot by clicking on the image.

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