As our regular users will know, every month we pick out three users who have done a particularly great job at contributing to the community. We call these stalwarts our Members of the Month, and each wins a game of their choice (to the value of up to £50) from

We've been running this promotion for years, with the results announced on the forums and our podcasts. Now we've decided to go into more detail, with a brief explanation of why we've picked the specific winners each month.

We'd like to add at this point that the decision for June was a particularly tricky one. Sometime it's easy to pick out three users to win, but this month there were at least half a dozen candidates who stood out, and our general feeling is that the forums have been on fine form of late. Please don't be disheartened if you didn't win; we genuinely appreciate everyone who adds something to, and naturally we'll have another MOTM announcement at the start of August.

Without any further ado, here's the lowdown on our winners for June:



altaranga has been one of our most frequently-picked Members of the Month over the past two years, thanks to his persistent effort in creating interesting new threads, organising forum and activities, and generally being an all-round good egg.

In June, we were particularly impressed with altaranga's efforts in organising and running game nights for Halo Reach and Team Fortress 2. He also kick-started a great discussion about celebrities appearing in games.



We've picked draytone because of the consistent quality of his posts across the site, making quality contributions on a regular basis. We also were a big fan of his Fail of the Day thread, and the YouTube clips therein (we've been listening to that MasterChef remix on loop).



Like altaranga, pblive is a VideoGamer veteran who's won this award a number of times. pblive can be found in every corner of the site, offering friendly advice to newcomers and chipping in to pretty much every discussion going. This month (as pretty much every month), he's also done a top job with maintaining a thread for gaming bargains.

Congratulations once again to our winners, and warm thanks to everyone who's contributed over the past month. If you'd like to suggest someone for MOTM, why not add your thoughts to the Member of the Month: Forum Edition thread? While we always make our own decision, we always keep an eye on the chat in there.