It can't have escaped your attention that the next few months are very lean for video games. It's why, really, everyone is overly excited about the next-generation. We need an injection of new material. This week, your choices are rather slim...

'Recommended': Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Far cry 3 blood dragon

We're not allowed to tell you what magic score Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon deserves until tomorrow at 5pm, but what we will say is this. If you enjoy either Far Cry 3 or eighties action movies featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you at least want to check this out. One of the more bizarre downloadable offerings to grace a Triple-A title in recent years, it also features the gun from Robocop. Sold!

Worth a look

After a fair amount of time in development, Soul Sacrifice will finally be with us this week. The latest product from the mind of Keiji Inafune - or Mr Mega Man - it's basically Sony's attempt to outdo Monster Hunter. Considering the PS Vita could do with having a fire lit under its ass (and let's face it, Capcom's behemoth manages to do that quite nicely) it could actually turn out to be quite the title. Or it could suck. Look for our review later this week.