When the sun shines it's usually a sign that video games are going quiet for a few weeks. For our money, this is no bad thing as it allows more niche favourites to rise and take their place in the public eye.

Recommended: The Walking Dead - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

A real game now that it's come to retail, you should go and play The Walking Dead today. More of an interactive adventure than your standard gaming affair, Telltale proves just how important and engaging story-telling can be. You don't just have to shoot zombies in the face to enjoy yourself. Who knew?!

We would implore you to go and download this immediately rather than wait till the end of the week - the iOS version isn't as good, mind - but if you're a sucker for a disc in a box, there are far worse things to spend your money on. Like drugs.

Worth a look

Persona 4: Arena arrives with quite a bit of momentum behind it given that it's been out since 1876 in America and Japan, nabbing itself some solid review scores along the way.

The fact it comes from the guys behind BlazBlue and Guilty Gear should be enough to convince you whether this is indeed up your street - whatever that means - but if you need a little push or pull check out our review going live later this week.

For the more discerning individual, be sure to hunt down Mystery Murders: Jack The Ripper on 3DS. Surely good times await...

  • Persona 4: Arena - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
  • Mystery Murders: Jack The Ripper - 3DS