Welcome to Heads-up, our weekly feature which gives you an at-a-glance run-down on the games you'll be able to buy or rent this weekend. Every Monday we'll pick out the best of the bunch, link to our reviews and previews and keep you in the video game loop so you have enough time to pre-order for Friday's post. Time to splash the cash, or in this week's case, probably hold onto it until something big is released.

Worth a look


We're clutching at straws slightly, but The Sims 3 has a large fan base and we expect they're going to like the latest expansion. So what does the Town Life Stuff pack get you? As well as the ability to build new venues (library, gym, Laundromat) it includes new washer/dryer machines for your home, new casual outfits and hairstyles and new community lots.

  • The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff - PC

And the rest...

As much as The Smurfs: Dance Party intrigues us, we doubt it's going to replace Just Dance or Dance Central as your go-to dancing game.

  • Pirates of Black Cove - PC
  • The Smurfs: Dance Party - Wii
  • The Smurfs - DS