Grand Theft Auto 5's second trailer is finally here, but what does it tell us about Rockstar's hugely anticipated open worlder? How many secrets are there to be found? And just what is Trevor doing jumping out of an airplane - in a Jeep??

We've been poring over the trailer this afternoon in an effort to learn as much as we can about GTA 5. Take a look below for our analysis...


00.03: Hear that funky music? That's Stevie Wonder's 'Skeletons', a song described as being "about lies and deceptions being uncovered".

00.05: Is that an observatory? Do you get to go into space!? Probably not, but this opening shot shows quite how far Rockstar's new engine is pushing boundaries. Just look at that draw distance...

00.07: This appears to be ex-bank robber Michael's mansion, complete with a tennis court and snazzy sports car. It's a shame that his home life, then, doesn't seem quite as snazzy as his possessions. His wife Amanda, who appears to have come straight from said tennis court, is seen arguing with his daughter about having a boy stay over for the night, as Michael sneaks off for a drink besides the pool.

00.21-0.25: A few panning shots of Los Santos reveal new areas of the city and its surrounding highways, showing off the 18-wheelers, buses and freight trains you'll (presumably) get to hijack.

00.27: Heading out to the sticks, we're introduced to Trevor Phillips, GTA's psychopathic second playable character. Trevor lives in a rough part of town. How do we know that? Because there's fighting in the streets, beat up old bangers, men in dungarees, bar brawls and gun showdowns outside mobile homes.

00.31: New vehicle! Trevor heads off road in a buggie before...

00.33: ...blowing up an old wooden house with a molotov cocktail...

00.33: ... and leaving a trail of dead bodies at an old service station. The tattoo around his neck says "CUT HERE". We did warn you he was crazy.

00.39: Another shot of the freight train. Remember train-jacking in San Andreas? Expect to see that again here.

00.42: A couple of guys question Michael about the location of a particular beach house. One of them is GTA 5's third playable character Franklin. Michael doesn't seem to know Franklin at this point. In the background we can see a beach funfair, complete with carousel and rollercoaster. Will we get to ride them...?

00.49: It isn't just Michael who seems to have problems at home. Here, Franklin gets a grilling from who we presume to be his partner.

00.51: The first shot of a police chase as a police cruiser pursues a vehicle transporter dumping its payload across the street. And look, classic Rockstar humour! "Pick your ring", reads a sign for a donut store.

00.52: We're still not sure who this guy is accompanying Franklin, but whoever he is, he appears to be a part of Franklin's 'dope-slinging' gang. Franklin doesn't seem to like him very much, though.

00.56: A high speed car crash shows off the first signs of GTA 5's vehicle damage. Bumpers hang off as the body work gets severely dented.

01.02: After a glimpse inside the office of Michael's therapist, we're introduced to Michael's son Jimmy, who's seen dangling off the sail of a yacht that's being transported along the highway. Franklin stands on the yacht alongside him while beckoning Michael to drive underneath the sail, allowing Jimmy to fall to safety into the back of his car. Will secondary characters also join you on missions?

In the background of the following scene, we also see a building called the 'Nutsaki'. Oh, Rockstar.

01.11: And now we're back to Trevor stomping on some poor sod's head. He's mental!

01.13: But he can also fly planes. Here, he's spotted flying a propeller plane through a ravine. The lighting looks phenomenal!

01.15: The first shot of a bank job as a vault door gets blown off its hinges. Moments later we see all three characters wearing balaclavas and taking cover behind various objects, suggesting GTA 5 may feature a similar cover mechanic to GTA 4.

01.16: Animals are confirmed as a dog almost gets run over. The dog looks a lot like 'Chop', the rottweiler featured on GTA 5's artwork. In the background we can see adverts for Cluckin' Bell and Piswasser.

01.19: Players can now rappel down buildings. We still don't know if this is specific to certain missions.

01.20: One of the playable characters is seen smashing up a jewellery store while wearing a uniform for 'Bugstar', presumably a pest control company.

01.22: Arguably the most spectacular moment of the trailer, Trevor is seen driving a 4x4 out the back of a freight airplane, before jumping out of the car and parachuting down to Earth. The detail and draw distance on show again is impressive, showing a shot of the plane flying above the cloud line, with the roads and rivers peeking through the vapour below.

01.26: Franklin takes part in dirt bike races. Though it's difficult to tell, it looks like GTA 5 may use the same Euphoria animation engine as GTA 4, as we see racers tumbling off their bikes, and reacting naturally to the fall.

01:29: It's all gone a bit Uncharted 2! Trevor climbs atop a freight train before leaping off as it collides head on with another train. Will your mission be to alter the tracks to cause the destruction?

01.30: Michael introduces Franklin to his "best friend" Trevor, and describes Franklin as the "son [he] always wanted".

01.38: A fighter jet soars over the Vinewood sign before launching missiles at a police helicopter. We still don't know whether you'll only be able to pilot planes as Trevor, or whether all characters can get behind the wheel.

01.41: The trailer closes with a shot of the three protagonists covering their mouth, ears and eyes; a clear reference to the three wise monkeys.

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