Choosing our favourite games of 2010 was no easy task, with arguments, witchcraft and mathematical equations all being used to take hundreds of games and whittle them down to just 10. Read on for our thoughts on why each game deserves its place and head to our Game of the Year 2010 hub for access to video features and loads of other content.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor

I suspect that a few people will raise quizzical eyebrows about Super's inclusion in this list, but then I'd also wager that most of these people won't be playing the game on regular basis. SFIV single-handedly revived the entire fighting genre, and there's a clear reason for this: aside from the beautiful art style and the clear nostalgia value of the brand, it's an incredibly fun game. The improvements and tweaks included with Super may only stand out to those of us who immersed ourselves in the vanilla offering, but we know and appreciate their value. If the changes weren't important and worthwhile, we simply wouldn't have forked out our cash to get them. And when all is said and done, I've spent more time on this game than on any other this year. Given the quality of releases in 2010, I'd say that's a pretty big compliment.

James Orry, News Editor

Flying kick, dragon punch, jump back, flying kick, dragon punch, jump back and repeat. That's pretty much my game in Super Street Fighter IV. In fact, I used the same technique back on the Mega Drive with my six button controller. That's why I enjoy Super so much - I can dip into the game for an evening and rely on my deep-seated Shoto d-pad motions to get me through. I've no great desire to sit down and learn intricacies of the focus attack-dash-cancel, but that's OK. Sometimes we forget the importance of just having fun.

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer

I've been playing video games my entire life. Forgive me for using such a tiresome buzz word, but I believe in the extraordinary potency of hardcore gaming. Enter Super Street Fighter IV, a technical update of last year's game pitched squarely at the kind of audience who see games as a mountainous challenge just waiting to be conquered. Capcom's game serves as the conduit to something greater - the thrill of competition. It's a perfect example of the ability for games to act as a framework for sport, though admittedly the sport in question is me trying to duff up an electrically-charged green Neanderthal (Neon) as someone who can fling out fireballs from his hands. Still, he must be beaten, and I will spend countless hours training to ensure it happens.

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