Before we knew it, December was upon us and all the games had arrived in stores in time for everyone to buy them as presents. We've got the reveal of our Game of the Year coming after Christmas, but for 24 days starting December 1 we'll bring you a new contender for the title. Please note that these games are in no particular order, but feel free to speculate on where they might appear in our final list.


Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor

Click click click. Diablo 3 has disappointed many, but it didn't disappoint me. While I think Blizzard is trying to solve an unfixable problem - you can't play Diablo 3 like an MMO, no matter how hard the developer tries to make it like one - I found myself clicking away for 70 entertaining hours. Then I moved on to something else. I will return for the expansion pack, when it arrives. Call me oldschool, but that's how you're supposed to play this. Patching in 100 additional levels doesn't do anything for me, but pressing the right trigger and watching an entire room full of nasties pop into mist certainly did.

Matthew Nellis, Video Producer

Some people complained that Diablo 3 didn't have enough end-game content. These people with multiple level 60 characters and over 300 hours of game time may be in the minority but they are also crazy.

Some people will pay the same amount of money for a game which is literally four hours long. And has crap multiplayer.

But I digress; launch server issues aside, Diablo 3 is a fantastic game. My monk is a complete bad ass, being able to switch from full tank to full DPS in one quick config swap. I last left him specced for 'magic find' so that my hardcore Demon Hunter can be a little better equipped and I won't be afraid to play him. If you haven't tried hardcore mode yet, I thoroughly recommend it. The adrenaline rush when you fall to a sliver of health is unlike anything I've experienced. The flipside to this is the sheer anger when you die because of server lag. Hardcore isn't for the weak of heart.