At A Glance:

-New single-player mission on show, set in and around a collapsing skyscraper

Another behind closed doors event that mixed previously seen footage with new content. The additional mission was called Federation Day, and it's set in and around a skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela during a fireworks display, with the Ghosts zip-lining from one building to another before abseiling down it.

The building houses soldiers from a rival faction, and the ghosts silently take them out through the windows. It's a neat idea - your team are hidden in plain sight by the building's interior lighting, and the stage has a feel that's half Die Hard, half Skyfall's Macau scene.

While undeniably slick - running down the front of the building and seeing the light-polluted city below, or running and gunning through a collapsing downtown skyscraper - Ghosts has a lot of work to do. Battlefield 4 is graphically far more accomplished and even more over the top. There's also a lot of repeated mechanics and motifs on show here, and without a remarkable leap in graphical fidelity it's hard to see many getting too excited. Well, until the multiplayer that is.