Look we're all very tired and we really like Square Enix and their games. So with that said. Here are the most important things from Square Enix's half an hour presentation.

  • Yoko Taro didn't appear at any point, so there's basically no need to watch it.

  • Square Enix revealed Babylon's Fall, a new game from Platinum Games (as in the studio that did Nier Automata). We really don't know much about it, but there's a teaser trailer. Also Hideki Kamiya has already made it very clear he's not working on it and doesn't want you to ask about it.

  • Square Enix revealed The Quiet Man, another new game that had a truly wonderful live action trailer with Bad Thugs shouting at a man about how 'no one ordered no chow!' There was then a seamless transition to game footage. I loved it with all my black heart. The protagonist appears to be deaf, and we'll see more in August, but that's about it.

  • Please see Microsoft's conference for further details.

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