The Microsoft conference was an absolute unit. Too much unit for one person to break down alone, surely? That's why we've put together a neat, organised list of the main reveals and announcements. But seriously, it was a lot of games.

  • The giant crowd at the Microsoft presser was in an absolute state, like every audience member was about to ascend to a higher level of existence from all the fucking games. One lad at the front started to do the 'we're not worthy' worshipping at Phil Spencer before he'd even said anything because there's a new Halo game with Master Chief in it and everything, you slags.

  • Microsoft has bought approximately every independent game studio in the world -- or, if you want to be accurate, Playground Games, Undead Labs, Compulsion Games, and Ninja Theory. Microsoft has also set up The Initiative, a brand new studio (corporate monopolies rock seriously hard y'all).

  • Phil dropped in that they're already working on a new Xbox, all casual like. It's potentially codenamed Scarlet, so you know it's gotta be pretty sexy.

  • The Cyberpunk trailer was then revealed at the very end like a pretend haxors thing that killed the lights in the conference centre, and Phil Spencer did an 'Oh wow, this is unexpected!' face like a trooper even though he said they'd revealed 50 games and there'd only been 49 and he bloody knew it was coming, the scallywag.


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