Want to play Cube World with your chums? Right now that can be a little confusing to set up, so we thought we'd run you through the necessary steps. Nice and simple!

Be sure to watch the video at the foot of the page in conjunction with these instructions for the ultimate Cube World experience...

1. I'm going to assume that you've purchased and downloaded Cube World. You'd think that would be a no-brainer, but judging by the last few days, this could easily end up proving to be the most difficult part of the process...

2. Next up you'll need to create (or join) a Virtual Private Network to connect with your friends. This is usually a piece of cake, but you'll need to have the appropriate software installed. I'd recommend something like LogMeIn Hamachi (unmanaged version), which can be downloaded for free.

3. Create a network with a suitably amusing name/password and pass it along to your friends.

Cube setup 1

4. At this point it's important to make sure any firewall protection you have in place isn't blocking Cube World and/or LogMeIn Hamachi. Windows Firewall will likely try to stop you, but you must be brave, young champion.

5. Restart your PC. This isn't always necessary, but you'll feel like a plonker if you can't figure out why your firewall software is still getting in the way.

6. Reopen LogMeIn Hamachi and ensure you and your buddies are connected to the same network.

7. One of you will need to host the server that you'll be playing on. This will need to be running whenever any of you want to play. It's really simple, promise. Open the Cube World folder, wherever you plonked it, and open "server.exe"

Cube setup 2

You should see this:

Cube setup 5

8. If you're the host, jot down your IPv4 address displayed on Hamachi and share it with your friends.

9. Leave server.exe running in the background and open Cube World.

10. Click "connect to server"!

Cube setup 6

11. Type in your iPv4 address and tell your friends to do the same. Hey presto! You should be in. Go chase some bumblebees or something.

Here's a video of Matt and Chris doing just that: